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Want to clean evictions off my record - Landlord Forum thread 249406

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Want to clean evictions off my record by Anna B (Florida) on February 29, 2012 @17:45

Who do I need to go through to help me with the 2 evictions I had ? Attorney? Paralegals ? Courthouse ? directly to the Property Managements ? I need them off my History so I can rent again. I am financially much more stable now and ready to have this situation taken care of.
Also once all is taken care of will I still have problems to rent for a period of time?
I would appreciate your response.
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Re: Want to clean evictions off my record by Bryan (Ia) on February 29, 2012 @18:03 [ Reply ]
Not gonna happen. It is a court judgment against you and it is there forever.
Re: Want to clean evictions off my record by LL (CA) on February 29, 2012 @18:30 [ Reply ]
Sorry to say but you are the perfect example for what I try to get through to tenants. An Eviction is forever. Circumstances may have been difficult for you and you wound up in that position (we don't know your story) but the fact is you have been evicted TWICE! It is public record and LLs who do checks will see this. In some cases, if you can prove to a potential LL that you are stable now - employment records, etc. should help - you may be able to rent somewhere decent, but it will take some work on your part.

It's a hard lesson to learn. Good luck in the future.
Re: Want to clean evictions off my record by Bunny *M*A*G*I*C* on February 29, 2012 @19:19 [ Reply ]
Unfortunately, you'll have problems renting for the rest of your life because of your evictions. An eviction, and you have two of them, will follow you forever as you have found.

Since you cannot clean these evictions off your record, you may want to see if you can find a LL who will give you a 6 month lease if you PAY it all upfront in cash, including the security deposit. This will establish you as somewhat more reliable and responsible...but you're going to have to prove yourself from here on in.

Couple that with a better credit score (630 would be a good place to start) AND a clean criminal background record etc AND an otherwise "clean" renting background (this means that even though you were evicted twice, the places were clean and not destroyed) and you may just get lucky.
Re: Want to clean evictions off my record by Jake on February 29, 2012 @19:36 [ Reply ]
An eviction is a bad smell that is never going to come off. Not only can you never rent again but you will not get credit to buy a car. If you are financially more stable now you can start paying back the money you owe from the evictions.
Re: Want to clean evictions off my record by Anonymous on March 1, 2012 @03:32 [ Reply ]
In order to get them off your history, you have to pay what you owe. You can start with the courthouse, or the company or person you owed money to through the eviction.....
You are going to have trouble, keep the paperwork showing you paid what has been owed.
Re: Want to clean evictions off my record by MrDan (Georgia) on March 1, 2012 @10:41 [ Reply ]
Almost all States have a procedure to expunge an eviction record from the public records. This means that the public can not access the record. Most Court records are available to the public for at least 10 years, credit reports for at least 7 years. It is possible to get in touch with the management company or landlord and make an offer to settle the amount or balance through a certified check, and in exchange, the landlord or management company will issue a notarized statement attesting that the debt has been paid. Rental evictions that appear on civil records will have to be expunged by order of a judge. If a record exists in your case, petition the judge to grant an order of expungement. The best remedy for resolving your case will be to seek legal assistance. For a small fee, you can be confident that all legal issues are addressed, and the process dealt with efficiently.
Re: Want to clean evictions off my record by Anonymous on March 1, 2012 @21:13 [ Reply ]
You could always move to a different country and get a new start there.
Re: Want to clean evictions off my record by Anonymous on May 19, 2013 @12:43 [ Reply ]
Yes it can be removed off your record. Write a letter to the judge (with the case number included) asking can it be removed off your record, with a good reason why it should be removed and show proof a job number and reference stating that you are doing much better and can pay your bills. It will also help if you paid any owed cost if there was any and proof of a credit report showing that you have since then rebuilt your credit pay everything on time. Again make show you have the eviction case number because they will not search your record for you. And u should also check your county clerk of court so that you yourself can know whats actually on your record. Hope this helps
Re: Want to clean evictions off my record by anom (fl) on May 29, 2013 @14:40 [ Reply ]
Honestly don't listening to some of the negatives on here you might not be able to get it off your record but as long as you have something showing that its been paid off you should not have a problem renting once you pay it the property that you owe will send you a letter stating the payment has been paid in full and that helps when you look for an apartment or house. its 2013 some landlord just go with it due to the economy.
Re: Want to clean evictions off my record by no one (texas) on June 29, 2013 @23:41 [ Reply ]
It is obvious that it is nothing but landlords replying here. Yes, you will get another place to rent. It's just not going to be top shelf.

Someone said "It's a tough lesson to learn." Yes, that it is. And you, whomever you are, will have many tough lessons to learn in life. Say, for example, you or a loved one get a terminal cancer diagnosis without hope. Life's tough, isn't it? Nothing you can do about it.

A place might even let you rent if you can show you have a payment plan in place.

All of the jerks commenting here probably have mommy and daddy paying their way for everything. Anyone who loses a job is at risk of eviction. Sadly, the stigma attached to it is much greater than for someone who has a house foreclosed upon. The difference? An eviction might represent a couple thousand dollars, after all the fees are added in.
A foreclosure? Sometimes more than $100,000 and it will not hurt you as much. The landlords have really lobbied at their state levels to make the process as punitive as possible.

Re: Want to clean evictions off my record by Al Finney (Nevada) on July 23, 2013 @22:01 [ Reply ]
I had a landlord file a summary eviction even though she received written notice from me that i was moving out, 3 weeks before she filed it. They granted it it to her but I was already moved out. The place was in better shape when I left and she tried suing me for incidentals but asked for $4500. She lost the case and was awarded nothing.This was 3 years ago but the sumary eviction is still in the public record and I cant do anything about it. Luckily I was already in another lease before she filed it but if I try to get some other place, Im screwed.
Re: Want to clean evictions off my record by Anonymous on August 7, 2013 @08:48 [ Reply ]
i, too, have been having this issue. i moved to another state and have been denied based on my eviction 'filings', i wasn't even evicted and depending on the landlord, filings hold weight, as well. i'm trying to figure this all out and am hoping someone will give me another chance to prove i can be responsible with making payments on time, every month.
Re: Want to clean evictions off my record by Anonymous on September 17, 2013 @08:29 [ Reply ]
In Oregon the landlord can remove the eviction from your record, but I 'm finding that landlords and managers are filing evictions wrongfully after people move out as agreed. Also, in Oregon landlord debt is equally harmful to renters. And again, months after people move out landlords send huge closing bills to collections for normal landlord expences like painting and carpet cleaning, though at move out nothing was owing.
Re: Want to clean evictions off my record by Anonymous (Texas) on September 17, 2013 @13:51 [ Reply ]

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I had a crazy landlord who evicted me two weeks after I was moved out and I had never once been late on the rent she seemed real sweet at first, then she starts to harp about putting trash out on non trash days, she will go in your house without permission to change things in the house to her liking, like replacing blinds curtains, she hired a private investigator on me so she could go over my finances and tell me how my spending is wrong, she harasses your guests by getting in their faces asking why their there and blocking your path, i eventually had to call the cops because she was force her way into my house slamming the door into me while holding an infant and almost hitting me in the face with her keys while screaming, she threatened to wrongfully evict me simply because she doesn't "like your attitude anymore!" she will tell surrounding neighbors about all your personal information. She will let your animals lose from your yard or take them. this is just a few so I just had to get away from her and two weeks after I moved out now comes that eviction notice. So I take off work to go to court and was 5min late because I had a hard time finding the exact location to go in the court house so now I am automatically guilty! What a joke! Just cant believe how this system work and I would have never know if weren't for this crazy landlord! 10years of renting from multiple landlords in multiple states and this was the first time I had ever run into a landlord that was crazy! So now I am trying to fight the eviction whatever the cost and now I am suing her for defilation of character and unlawful eviction; will see what happens!
Re: Want to clean evictions off my record by Ken (North Carolina) on December 2, 2013 @11:49 [ Reply ]
You all are wrong. Evictions stay on your credit for 7 years. In most cases, you can call the prior renter and have them submit a memo to the new renters stating the circumstance. Do your research before you get idiots not knowing the process
Re: Want to clean evictions off my record by Anonamos- (Co) on January 30, 2014 @09:37 [ Reply ]
Yea,...LOL I cant believe how stuck-up some people can be in this world, Like what? You never Got yourself in a fork-in-the-road before?...& couldn't get yourself your-self out? That's like your car breaking down & someone saying Oh "Srry" there's nothing that can be done for your car your just stranded and stuck there without any help or any hope, Witch is a Load of Hog-Wash, There is People out there in the world that will work with you, If you pay off all of your Collections and the collections agency wrote you proof that you paid, it off in Full they should be able to remove it off of your credit report if they don't in time, there should be people at your local court-house with the proof that you paid it off to remove it off of your credit report,....I cant believe how Selfish & hurtful people can be....
Re: Want to clean evictions off my record by Reesa (Florida) on February 24, 2014 @20:53 [ Reply ]

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