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Addendum to Lease

Addendum to Lease & Disclosure Forms

Gain Access to over 100 downloadable landlord forms: leases, addendums, lease enforcement, and property management forms to protect your rental business. One year of access is $149. Multi-year subscriptions are available at a discounted rate.

Lease, Addendum, and Disclosure Forms

Lease, addendum, and disclosure forms are must-have items for all landlords. We offer a wide selection of forms sorted by state and language. Below are the various leases, and addendum to lease documents, and disclosure forms that are included as part of the LPA membership. Additionally, all rent collection, lease enforcement, and property management forms are included in an LPA membership.

Our lease variations include purchase options, furnished leases, apartments, large print, commercial, and more. Our addendum selection includes addendums for pets, early occupancy, month-to-month, appliances, and many other situations that landlords may face. Lastly, our disclosure variations include forms for credit reporting, lead paint, mold, and other important disclosures that can protect you and your investment. No matter the situation, we have an already-prepared document you can download and use.


LPA Lease

The LPA Lease with Purchase Option

The LPA Furnished Lease - with Inventory Checklist

The LPA lease is a unique, must have for item for any landlord and has received praise from attorneys and judges. If a lease was ever jam packed with landlord protection, itís this one. An instruction manual for how to be a good tenant in your rental property, the LPA lease is specifically written for residential houses and apartments. It can be used for month-to-month or fixed term tenancies.

The LPA Lease with purchase option! Specifically caters to residential properties. This version of the LPA lease is tailored to protect the landlord in a purchase option deal. It contains a fully detailed purchase option agreement clause.

The LPA Furnished Lease Rental Agreement with Inventory Checklist covers the most important aspects of furnished apartment, condominium and housing renting, including a complete inventory checklist of furnishings included in the rental. Great for seasonal and vacation rentals. This form includes all the LPAís latest Landlord Protection updates.

The LPA Apartment Lease

The LPA Apartment Lease (Spanish Version)

The LPA Commercial Net Lease

This version of The LPA Lease is designed specifically to protect landlords from common tenant situations when renting apartments and condominiums. Can be used for month to month or fixed term tenancies. The LPA Apartment Lease is also packed with maximum landlord protection.

This version of the LPA lease is for landlords who have Spanish speaking tenants. In some states, the landlord is required to provide non-English speaking tenants with a copy of the lease in their own language.

The LPA Commercial Net Lease Agreement is an adaptation of the LPA Lease designed to accommodate small businesses in commercial properties. This form offers a high level landlord protection while being very direct and clear about the tenantís responsibilities. Includes choice for Triple Net.

The LPA Rental Agreement

The LPA Rental Agreement Month-to-Month Tenancy

The LPA Lease (Large Print)

If youíre looking for a quick and easy lease signing, but donít want to make a big sacrifice in landlord protection, this form may be just what youíre looking for. Although, less detailed, it contains many of the same elements as the LPA Lease and is less intimidating to the tenant.

By request of our customers and members, we have adapted the LPA Rental Agreement for landlords who need a month-to-month agreement.

This version of the LPA Lease is for those who prefer larger print for easier reading. Packed with all of the same protection as the original LPA Lease. Can be used for month to month or fixed term tenancies.

Addendum & Disclosure Forms

The LPA Appliance Agreement

The LPA Appliance Agreement with Repair Clause

Early Occupancy Addendum

If youíre looking for a quick and easy lease signing, but donít want to make a big sacrifice in landlord protection, this form may be just what youíre looking for. Although less detailed, it contains many of the same legal elements as the LPA lease and is less intimidating to the tenant.

The repair clause in this version of the LPA Appliance Agreement addendum explains the tenantís responsibilities in regards to repairs concerning the existing appliances.

The early occupancy addendum protects the landlord when tenants move in before the lease agreement starts.

Pet Agreement

Heating & Cooling Lease Addendum

First Right of Refusal Addendum

The LPA pet agreement addendum contains key ingredients, including a detailed list of Pet Agreement Rules to protect landlords and their property when renting to pet owners.

The LPA Heating and Cooling addendum strengthens your agreement with the tenant regarding who is responsible for maintenance and repairs on the heating and cooling system of the rental property.

Your tenant will feel more secure having the First Right of Refusal as an actual addendum to the lease, knowing the property will not be sold from under them. An addendum brings special attention to the topic and helps the tenant feel the value of the opportunity and the gesture.

Rent Paid on Time Addendum

Crime Free Lease Addendum

Carbon Monoxide Addendum

This addendum to leases ensures that landlords will receive all payments from tenants within their desired timeframe. It sets terms and conditions to encourage tenants to pay their rent on time or early.

This addendum emphasizes the need for a safe and secure environment. It obligates tenants to keep the property free from any suspicious or criminal activity, like the use of illicit drugs. Violation of any provisions is a material breach of the lease and gives the landlord legal cause for the immediate termination of the tenancy.

The carbon monoxide addendum determines the scope of responsibilities that a tenant has for the maintenance of the carbon monoxide detector. It obligates the tenant to comply with carbon monoxide safety practices.

No Smoking Addendum

Mold Addendum

No Email Addendum

The No Smoking Notice & Reminder form ca be used as an addendum to emphasize the No Smoking rule. It can also be a notice to inform tenants that they are in violation of their No Smoking cluase in the lease agreement. In the event your existinig lease doesnít cover smoking, you can use it to initiate a new No Smoking rule for your rental.

The Mold addendum makes the tenant responsible to keep the property free of mold and mildew through maintenance. It also makes the tenant liable for cleaning and repair expenses resulting from mold damage.

This protects the landlordís right to choose whether they want to reveal their email to the tenant. It sets an agreement between the tenant and the landlord regarding their communications by reaffirming that official notices must be in writing and delivered by certified mail.

Furnished Unit Addendum

Swimming Pool Addendum

Motorcycle Addendum

This addendum entitles the landlord to inspections of the rental property using the inventory checklist to ensure that none of the appliances or furniture have been lost or damaged during the current tenantís occupancy. This form is not needed if you are using the LPA Furnished Lease.

The swimming pool addendum adds the proper maintenance over the swimming pool to the terms of the lease. The pool addendum will define what the tenant is responsible for and offer you the landlord protection you need.

This addendum applies to tenants who have motorcycles. This protects the landlord by requiring tenants to comply with the landlordís terms regarding their motorcycle

Smoke Detector Addendum

Lease Co-signer Agreement

Bed Bug Addendum

A smoke detector addendum obligates tenants to maintain proper care of the propertyís smoke detector, ensuring that it will continue to function properly during emergencies.

The Lease Co-signer agreement will make an additional party responsible to guarantee the tenantís performance on the lease.

This addendum emphasizes the tenantís responsibility in keeping their rental property bed free from bed bugs or any similar infestations.

Landlord Assignment of Lease Form

Swing Set Addendum

Lead Based Paint Addendum

This form gives the new landlord the ability to collect rent and transact with tenants that were already living on the property when it was purchased. It also informs tenants of the change in ownership.

The Swingset & Yard Accessory addendum serves to inform tenants of what kind of amenities are allowed on the property. It can be used as an amendment to the lease for existing situations.

This disclosure form is required by HUD on all housing built before 1978. Landlords and real estate agents must disclose whether or not they have knowledge of the existence of any lead-based paint hazards on the premises.

Garage Lease Agreement

Rental Lease Addendum

Waterbed Addendum

The LPA Garage Rental Agreement outlines certain key landlord protection leasing elements with a garage or storage unit.

This addendum to leases is versatile and depends on the landlordís needs. This is a standard, blank lease addendum used for making additional information or clauses a part of the lease.

Certain things need to be considered when the tenant has a waterbed. The Waterbed addendum specifically covers the tenantís responsibilities concerning the use of a waterbed in the dwelling.

Satellite Dish/Cable TV Addendum

Sub-Lease Agreement

Credit Reporting Disclosure Notice to Tenant

The Satellite Dish/Cable TV addendum is an excellent addition to many leases and rental agreements in the event you decide to allow the tenant the option of having a cable TV or satellite dish antenna installed on your rental property. Protect your property from the damages of a sloppy installation or removal.

The Sub-Lease agreement holds the tenant and subtenant fully responsible for all the terms and conditions of the original lease.

The Credit Reporting Disclosure Notice informs the tenant that you intend to report positive and negative payment history to the credit and tenant reporting bureaus. The form points out that the tenantsí record will be affected by their rent payments, cleanliness, and overall performance.

Benefits of Using Lease, Addendum, and Disclosure Forms from LPA

Judges and attorneys highly recommend these forms and advise landlords to take advantage of them. What benefits does a landlord receive with these documents?

  • They make your tenantís obligations clear, allowing good tenants to do their due diligence.
  • A clear lease can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees since it spells out exactly what is required.
  • Protect your property by reducing your exposure to bad tenants and evictions. Bad tenants donít like strong leases.
  • Use tested and proven addendums to your lease that have protected landlords already. The worst time to find out that you donít have something important included in your lease is in the moment.
  • The Specific Lease Index allows you to verify your stateís requirements and any state-imposed limitations affecting your lease rental agreement. State requirements are listed with corresponding LPA lease clause numbers.
  • Utilize the Specific Notice Period Chart for the number of days a tenant has to cure default with pay rent or quit notice.

The forms we offer here at LPA are downloadable, editable to match your needs, and good for unlimited use.

Additional Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of the Landlord Protection Agency also offers additional benefits to make property management much easier. Here are other benefits landlords enjoy with a membership.

Heads-Up Email Notices

Free Tenant Credit Reporting

Instant Credit Reports & Tenant Screening Background Checks with Discounts!

A specific pre-written set of emails disclosing payment reminders, renewal options, and lease violations so that you donít have to create these. The work is already done for you. Copy, paste, and send!

As a landlord, receive guidance to report current and former tenant payment history, habits, and behaviors to national credit bureaus and our in-house tenant reporting database. All consumer reporting is done in strict compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) guidelines.

Great tenants are found through careful tenant screening. Use quick check credit reports through TransUnion Smartmove and receive the information you need about prospective tenants before they sign a lease.

Landlord Knowledge Bank Resources

Community Buying Group

Gain access to the Tips & Articles Library, Landlord Newsletter archive, and our Ask the Attorney Q&A section where you can submit your questions and receive answers from John Reno, an eviction attorney.

You'll also become a member of our Community Buying Group, helping you save on materials from major suppliers like Sherwin Williams, 84 Lumber, Office Depot, and more!

Best Practices for a Great Landlord-Tenant Relationship

Many of these terms seem self-explanatory, but when it comes to rental agreements, you can never be too sure. Without these forms, landlords may encounter issues with liability, maintenance, and payment that could affect the overall operation of the property. Getting these forms made professionally ensures that all possible terms, conditions, and rules are properly stated, leaving less risk for the landlord.


ďI first became a landlord in 2008. The Landlord Protection Agency and John have been instrumental in making my experience as a landlord smooth and easy. I learned how to screen for tenants, how to handle different landlord situation that might come up, etc. I gained so much valuable information from the LPA and feel confident in handling whatever comes along. Highly recommend!Ē K Smith

ďThe Landlod Protection Agency has so much valuable information to educate and help protect landlords in today's market. I have learned so much and I highly recommend it for every landlord.Ē Larry Harbolt

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Why is a garage lease agreement different from an apartment lease agreement?

The apartment lease agreement covers the terms for the property or housing itself, whereas the garage lease agreement is used when a separate garage will be rented for parking or storage purposes.

What does the right of first refusal mean?

This entitles tenants to decide whether they will decide to purchase the property or not before the landlord entertains another party.

Why is a rent-paid-on-time addendum important?

This addendum emphasizes the importance of paying rent on time. It reduces delays and encourages tenants to comply to avoid penalties and earn special discounts.

What is a landlord assignment of lease form and why do I need it?

This is required when the landlord sells the property to someone else. It informs the tenants of the change and gives the new landlord the authority to transact with tenants.

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