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Dr Dani Babb

Attention LPA Landlords!

Dr. Danielle Babb, national real estate expert and author is also a fellow LPA member.

Dr Dani Babb, Author of The Accidental Landlord The Accidental Landlord: By Dr. Danielle Babb, national real estate expert and author.

Have you ever heard of anyone becoming a landlord by "accident"? The Accidental Landlord is an excellent guide on how to make managing a rental property as easy as possible, whether you are an “accidental landlord” or an experienced real estate professional. In it, Danielle Babb presents to you in simple terms some of the finest proven techniques and forms used by professional landlords across the United States and Canada. In addition, The Accidental Landlord is full of time saving and money making ideas. She provides you with helpful internet sources to make your experience as a landlord easy and even fun.
- John Nuzzolese, President of The Landlord Protection Agency

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Finding Foreclosures!, By Danielle Babb and Bill Nazur

Dr. Dani and Bill Nazur have teamed up to write Finding Foreclosures! This Insider's Guide to using the Internet to find foreclosures walks you through the process of finding the homes, learning how to work with the buyers and banks, and then live in or use the property as an investment. This step by step guide is the first of its kind in the marketplace on using the Internet to find foreclosures. Dr. Dani and Bill teamed up with RealtyTrac to provide the most newsworthy information!

Real Estate v2.0, By Danielle Babb, PhD, MBA and Alex Lazio, PhD, MS

I enjoyed Real Estate v2.0 by Danielle Babb and Alex Lazo. It teaches how to make your business more dynamic by making use of various techniques using new technology such as podcasts, blogs and websites. You'll learn in easy to understand terms how to more effectively advertise on the web and seriously increase your business instead of being left behind as more technologically advanced companies surge ahead. Real estate professionals everywhere can benefit from the tips and ideas in this book that will open the door to reaching your business's full potential. - John Nuzzolese, The LPA

Commissions at Risk, By Dr. Danielle Babb

Midwest Book Review

Dr. Babb, an Information Technology professional with over 15 years experience in IT, has used her knowledge and expertise working for real estate organizations to write a book on "Commissions at Risk". The book, designed for real estate professionals, explores the ways in which these pros can beat their new online competition. Clearly, the technologies real estate professionals recently embraced will be their new competition. This book explains how to beat the net and grow your business despite the drastic technological shift about to occur affecting nearly 2 million people! While other books tell professionals how to put up a web site or use email, this book targets professionals who are about to see a major change in the way they do business and offers up solutions on how to compete with technology.

MAKE MONEY TEACHING ONLINE, By Dr. Dani Babb & Dr. Jim Mirabella

Dr. Dani Babb & Dr. Jim Mirabella, both managing their own business teaching online, have teamed up to write " Make Money Teaching Online!" This book steps qualified professionals through the process of creating a new career facilitating classes online, including finding and locating schools to work for, introducing yourself to the right people, the interview and training process, and how to maintain your position after you're hired. It includes never-before released information on the fastest, most efficient way to get new teaching jobs and how to truly make a living teaching online.

Click here to read Dani's New Real Estate Blog, "Babb's Babble "

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