The 6 Biggest Landlord Traps, Secrets of Landlord Protection

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Free Landlord BookNew Landlord Book On Real Estate Soars To No.1
On Amazon Best Seller List

New York – New Life Vision, LLC recently announced that the book "The 6 Biggest Landlord Traps: Secrets of Landlord Protection!" by John Nuzzolese, reached number 1 on the Amazon Best Seller List, on the day the book debuted.
"John has successfully rented and managed hundreds of rentals for almost 40 years. John Nuzzolese has no equal in the real estate rental space, so I am not surprised at the success of the book, John is truly the EXPERT in this space," said his publisher, TC Bradley.

Discover the Landlording Secrets that have enabled John Nuzzolese to successfully rent and manage hundreds of rentals for 40 years!

  • How John fell into the "Landlord Niche'"
  • Recognize and avoid the "6 Biggest Landlord Traps"
  • Pre-Screening rental applicants
  • Screening with low cost credit reports
  • Why you should use a "Landlord’s Lease Agreement"
  • How reporting tenants to the credit bureau makes a difference

  • With John’s principles of Landlording, you’ll be able to:
    • keep more of your rent,
    • have fewer vacancies and
    • experience more pleasant tenancies!!

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