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Tenant's Excuse of the Day page 9

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The LPA selects the most original excuses made by tenants to their landlords. If you have an interesting or funny story about your tenant's excuse for not paying rent, we'd love to hear it!
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Excuse of the Day for 8/27/02:

"The skylite leaked and caused the kitchen light to blow! We called the fire department. I aint afraid of nutin, but I'm afraid of foyer."

How does that affect the rent? I wish I didn't have so many tenants' lame excuses to list, but they just keep coming. - Steve S., BVR Mgmt, NY

Excuse of the Day for 8/21/02:

"Please just pretend that I'm up to date with the rent. My young daughter would be so disappointed if she knew I couldn't pay the bills."

- I almost felt sorry for him. Then I remembered I was facing foreclosure because this piece of garbage wasn't paying his rent and had been stringing me along for about a year. I evicted him. His wife and daughter left him. And then after another year of collection and excuses, I finally seized his wife's savings account to settle matters. - John, NY

Excuse of the Day for 8/14/02:

"The neighbor wants to buy the house. He said he's going to be a better landlord than you!"

- Guess what! The house is NOT for sale! Pay the rent or you'll have new neighbors soon. - Bill, Seaford, NY

Excuse of the Day for 8/9/02:

"uh I had to pay my car I will be a couple of days late with the rent"

I'm thinking the rent takes priority over a car payment, pay the rent and late fee or you will be living in your car! I guess next month you may need new tires! - Mr. B----NJ

Excuse of the Day for 7/27/02:

"My daughter's ex-husband didn't make his child support payment and the outlet in the kitchen isn't working!"

You owe 2 months back rent plus $200. You will have to work this out in court or be evicted. - Steve S. BVR, NY

Excuse of the Day for 7/26/02:

Tenant:"I sent you the check, but it came back to me."
Me: Fine, just keep the envelope for proof and I won't charge the $100. late fee....
Tenant:I had to use the money to bail my father out of jail
Me: Gee, how do you bail your father out of heaven?
Tenant: Oops! That was last month's excuse. - Carensulu

Excuse of the Day for 7/16/02:

"Oh, I thought my husband paid it and he thought I paid it."

OK, sure. - Cinnamonsilver

Excuse of the Day for 7/10/02:

"If you don't buy new w/w carpeting for our apartment, we will not pay the rent!"

I had tenants on rental assistance. They only had to pay $23. a month for their share of the rent. How lucky!!I got a threat one day saying that if I didn't buy new wall-to-wall carpeting for the apartment, they wouldn't pay their portion of the rent.
Turns out that they were asked to move a month later because they took apart a ceiling light and the whole circuit breaker panel had to be replaced. They destroyed the wiring in the apatment. They caused $2,000. worth of damage in 2 months! Good riddance when they left! They even stole the timer out of my washing machine. - Cinnamonsilver

Excuse of the Day for 7/4/02:

"You won't let me bring my motorcycle in the livingroom. Thats why I rented this place!"

What's wrong with the garage? Um... how about the rent? - Albert L., SC

Excuse of the Day for 7/3/02:

"It was raining hard and i thought the office was closed."

- Wiiliam L., FL

Excuse of the Day for 6/28/02:


My renter screamed at me that he WAS going to pay his rent until I started evicting him and also that he was going to sue me because the water caused him to break out with boils all over his body. He had never mentioned a problem with the water before he got two months behind. Plus it was partially furnished and later I asked them where my washer, dryer, window a/c units and furniture was. He said the appliances broke and the furniture was donated to charity. Odd that there was no trace of broken appliances but they had a mountain of household garbage in the backyard that they were to lazy to throw away or pay for garbage service. - LPA visitor, conure7

Excuse of the Day for 6/18/02:

"... but you moved out of state. We didn't think we had to pay rent."

- Nosumwalt

Excuse of the Day for 6/15/02:

"Don't you come around here trying to collect rent on a Sunday, I don't pay no rent on the Lord's Day!"

This tenant was already seriously late in her rent payment, which means she also did not pay rent on non - Lords days. Shortly there after she did not live in my property on the "Lords Day". - Jay in MN

Excuse of the Day for 6/10/02:

"I've been trying to call you and I keep getting your machine. Do you want the rent in cash of check this month?"

Since this moron knows the rent is due by the 1st, MAILED IN the envelopes I provided, this is obviously a B.S. stalling tactic which just incurred a late fee for the tenant - Patti in La Jolla, CA

Excuse of the Day for 5/30/02:

"I apologize in an absent minded moment (and I have had plenty lately) I mailed 3/4 of my bills last month without stamps. I'm not even sure if they're the correct stamps. I hope I can get my act together next month! I'm also sorry I haven't called you. I don't get home from work until after 8 and its usually closer to 11."

My tenant actually put this in writing. I'm copying it word for word. Her rent was received the 15th of last month. Yes, she has used stamps before and owns a watch. About her act-try comedy central. - csmplus10

Excuse of the Day for 5/24/02:

"My niece had an accident with the car and I had to get it out of impound."

Turns out that the teenage niece had been moved into the house (violation of the agreement) and had been having loud drunk parties with other underaged kids. The other tenants had called the police to the residence. The niece was drunk when she wrecked the car. The whole gang is being evicted. - Lynn in CA

Excuse of the Day for 5/20/02:

"I'll send you the money even though my son will have to go to school in clothes that don't fit him, becuse you insist and I won't have any money to buy school clothes. You are a heartless person who only cares about money..."

My tenants sent me a letter after I told them they needed to pay the remaining $80.00 due on their rent for the month. I Later found out that the reason they didn't have the rent is that she threw the VCR at her boyfriend during a fight, so he threw the TV at her, and they needed to buy a new TV and VCR. (Police report verified this fight). - R.C. (I'm a mean lady)

Excuse of the Day for 5/17/02:

"Can I pay you on the 23rd? I just bought a new $1,400 laptop mobile computer and it was a little more than I thought. Sorry."

His rent comes due on the 15th. Good thing its a mobile computer, because if he doesn't pay the rent and late charges, he'll also be moblie.Thanks. - SAM, CA

Excuse of the Day for 5/10/02:

"My daughter's friend cut her knee on the fence. The neighbors have been complaining so we're gonna cut the grass."

That's great because you are supposed to keep the grounds trim and clean. What does any of this have to do with the rent? - Steve, BVR Management.

Excuse of the Day for 5/9/02:

"Oh...I didn't know the rent increase pertained to me. "

No reason to, since it had his name on it and was hand delivered to him. D'oh! - Olive

Excuse of the Day for 5/8/02:

"I'm not paying another DIME until you prove to me that you are the true owner of the property."

Where did that come from?. I know he had no right to interogate me, but in the interest of making things go smoothly, I went back with a copy of my deed and tax bill. What I couldn't understand is why he didn't then have the rent. It's a good thing I also brought with me a filled out Urgent Late Notice (Eviction Status Warning) form. He paid the next day with the late charge. - James R., MI

Excuse of the Day for 5/3/02:

"Man, is it a new month already? Wow."

Hey- Get a calendar and pay the rent. A late charge is being added on. - Jack Klein, NY

Excuse of the Day for 4/25/02:

"I can't even sleep. My dogs are keeping half the neighborhood up every night. How am I supposed to keep a job if I can't sleep?"

Lease violations: 1. Unauthorized dogs, 2. Nonpayment of rent, 3. Disturbing the neighbors, 4. Grounds not being maintained. Strike 4! - Rocco J., NY

Excuse of the Day for 4/21/02:

Tenant stated he is upset because he did not notice that the washer/dryer was not a matching set. Two different brands !

I guess I could have them removed so he can go to the laundry mat, where everything matches. - Paul, Celebration, FL .

Excuse of the Day for 4/17/02:

"My son's batting practice AND lunch were interupted by bees flying all around him!"

BEES?! BEES?! PAY THE RENT OR I WILL EVICT YOU! - Jeanne Bean, New Port Richie, FL.

Excuse of the Day for 4/11/02:

"The neighbors are all complaining about the yard. It's terrible."

I've been after these tenants to maintain the grounds like they agreed. They are trying to use their own lease violation as an excuse. - Louis C., BVR Mgmt.

Excuse of the Day for 4/5/02:

"My family is coming from overseas to stay with us and I had to pay for their airline tickets."

That's great that you will have your family to help you find another home, because I have an eviction notice for you. - Jerry Robinson, FL.

Excuse of the Day for 3/30/02:

"Take my car. It's worth more than the rent."

I can't take his piece of junk. I have a mortage to pay. - Susan R., S.C.

Excuse of the Day for 3/28/02:

"I just don't have it. Don't ask me for the late fee because I don't have that either!"

I'm so glad he still has good credit and a good paying job. If he doesn't pay up in court, then his salary or bank account will when the sheriff attaches it. - Tommy, CA

Excuse of the Day for 3/25/02:

"This place smells like cat urine. If I'm gonna stay here you're going to have to work something out with us about new carpeting."

The carpeting wasn't new, but the tenant brought in the cats (5 of them). Am I replacing the carpeting for them? NO WAY! - T.W., NJ

Excuse of the Day for 3/20/02:

"You said you didn't mind me fixing up the kitchen. Well I really did a good job re-doing it. It's an improvement on your property."

I didn't mean for them to spend the rent money on it. Now I have to start trying to collect late fees. I'll be using your forms. - Austin, Atlanta, GA

Excuse of the Day for 3/19/02:

"My husband was arrested and he's not getting out any time soon."

Thank goodness! He was a con man & becoming a nightmare. - John, BVR Magmt. NY

Excuse of the Day for 3/15/02:

"I just found out you own this house Free & Clear! You've been profiting off me all this time!"

What does my financial status have to do with your lease and your obligation to pay the rent you agreed to pay?? - Arthur D., Miami, FL

Excuse of the Day for 3/13/02:

"Will you sign this landlord release form to install a Direct TV satellite dish."

Your a month behind on the rent but you can afford some great TV entertainment. NOT! - D.J. B PA

Excuse of the Day for 3/9/02:

"You need to loosen up. Let's you and me go out for a drink and forget about all this rent business."

Uh, No. If you can't keep your agreement, I have to either charge you late fees or start eviction. I need the rent and I'm not going to let you cause me to lose my house. - Darrin G., NY

Excuse of the Day for 3/7/02:

"I needed emergency route canal. The dentist wouldn't do it unless I paid up front and it hurt like a m*%&#rF%^er!"

I know what that's like, but now there will be a late charge too. - Al B., FL

Excuse of the Day for 3/2/02:

"I had to pay for my dog's cosmetic surgery. By the way, I got a dog."

The lease says NO PETS and this clown has the nerve to brag about a "Show Dog". Why do these tenants with dogs think that andlords will suddenly reverse their NO PET policies if it's a "Show Dog"? - Tommy W., FL

Excuse of the Day for 2/24/02:

"My previous landlord found me. He made me pay a payment towards my balance."

I wasn't careful enough on my reference check. - Robin R., MN

Excuse of the Day for 2/23/02:

"We went away on a snowboarding trip and spent more than I thought we would. Sorry."

I'm sorry too. You're up for renewal in 2 months, so pay the late fees and the rent ASAP, so your increase won't be too affected. - Mary K., RI

Excuse of the Day for 2/20/02:

"I had to pay my Blockbuster Video bill. I went in for a movie and they made me pay all kinds of late fees because of my kids."

This isn't you month for late fees, is it?. - Steve S., NY

Excuse of the Day for 2/16/02:

"My godson's birthday was this month. I'll have to pay the penalties along with next month's rent."

OK. Those penalties will probably cost you more than anything you gave your godson. - Jack K, NY

Excuse of the Day for 2/15/02:

"Do you co-operate with credit counseling to lower my monthly payment?"

No. Sorry. - Mario, NY

Excuse of the Day for 2/11/02:

"I'm saving to buy a house."

You should be able to save plenty after you're evicted and homeless. Pay the rent if you want to live in my house. - Donald W., Mass

Excuse of the Day for 2/10/02:

"My son is allergic to mold. There is mold and mildew all over the bathtub tiles."

You are supposed to clean your own bathroom. Now I don't want your son to be homeless along with you, because there are more things to be allergic to. So, after you pay the late fee and the rent, go right out and get some Tilex, bleach or Scrubbing Bubbles and make that tub surround look new again. You know- you'd be charged for that from the security if you left it that way. - Louis C., NY

Excuse of the Day for 2/8/02:

"I had to use part of the rent to send my daughter on a school trip. She 's in the band."

As much as I try to come up with a witty reply I can't. I am sending an urgent notice today. - Al B., FL

Excuse of the Day for 2/7/02:

"I'm not givin you another dime for this $#!%hole. Not till you replace the damn carpeting.

This tenant moved into an immaculate house 14 months ago with NEW carpeting. Now there are unauthorized pets and the place is a disaster. The eviction is beginning immediately. I will be reporting this one to the DEADBEAT DATABASE. - Ricky R., WA

Excuse of the Day for 2/6/02:

"The roof is leaking and the ceiling looks like it's going to fall down!"

When did it start leaking? Oh, last night? Thanks for telling me. NOW WHERE'S THE RENT?! - Erica, PA

Excuse of the Day for 2/4/02:

"This is an illegal apartment! We checked. If you bother us again for the rent I'm going straight to the town and turn you in."

She did try. The inspector asked her if she has another apartment to move to. She said she doesn't want to move. He advised her to pay the rent and keep her mouth shut unless she wants to move. I'm applying for the permit, but the taxes will go up. - Irv, Bellmore, NY

Excuse of the Day for 2/1/02:

"Don't worry. After the Super Bowl, you will have all the rent PLUS next month's too."

I will try not to rent to another gambler in the future. - Arlene Q., NC

Excuse of the Day for 1/31/02:

"I've been at my son's house for 3 weeks. You expect me to pay the full rent when I have hardly even been there?"

You bet. I have to pay my mortgage while I'm away and I have to pay my cable bill even if I don't watch T.V. - Charlie P., NY

Excuse of the Day for 1/30/02:

"There are branches on our roof and the walkway gets very icy."

Well, the lease covers these things, so why can't I have my rent? I said. I will be firm about the late fee notice. - Manya K., PA

Excuse of the Day for 1/28/02:

"I can't leave my room, it so @#%&en cold. I can't pay a whole month when I can't even leave my room. And the dishwasher still doesn't work. "

The tenant is reaching. The heating system (working well) is covered under the tenant's service plan as outline in our lpa lease. The tenant refuses to turn up the thermostat because of the price of oil. The dishwasher was "as is". - Richard S., Long Island, NY

Excuse of the Day for 1/25/02:

"My son broke in and stole the rent to buy drugs."

I wonder if their renters insurance will cover that. If they can't find another way to pay the rent, they will have to go. - Alice R., Mass

Excuse of the Day for 1/24/02:

"Carl got arrested and moved out. I hope you don't expect me to pay his share too."

Well it's not my fault he moved out. - John, New York

Excuse of the Day for 1/22/02:

"My dog is allergic to something in this house."

First of all, this tenant is not allowed to have a dog. I told her to pay the rent so she and her dog won't have an eviction on their credit report. - Elaine O., Miami, FL

Excuse of the Day for 1/19/02:

"I want to buy the house. My money is tied up now. Let's add the rent to the price."

This one is a riot. Why do tenants talk about buying when they can't even pay the rent? - Jackson M., Irvine, CA

Excuse of the Day for 1/17/02:

"I can't talk to you now. I have a fitting."

She's a seamstress and is so busy with sewing and fittings (sew she says). She is really full of malarky. I think it's time for a late fee notice. - Jackson M., Irvine, CA

Excuse of the Day for 1/15/02:

"I'm not paying until something is done about Larry's snoring! "

Larry is the next door neighbor. The houses are kind of close. I said if the rent isn't paid- snoring or not, late fees will be enforced. And close the window. - Joey B., FL

Excuse of the Day for 1/14/02:

"I had this nightmare... This house is giving me a bad feeling. I think it's haunted. "

I think the bad feeling is not having enough money to pay your bills. ( The house does seem to be haunted by bad tenants) - Herb M., NJ

Excuse of the Day for 1/11/02:

"You're heartless! You're cruel! What kind of person are you?!"

All I did was ask for the rent which is very late. This tenant likes to put on a crying act also. It has worked in the past, but not any more. Her acting skills have already become transparent. - Steve, BVR Mgmt

Excuse of the Day for 1/6/02:

"Please don't tell my wife and daughter that I don't have the rent. I've got money coming any day."

Try to avoid tenants who are compulsive gamblers. This one came with the house. By the way, be very careful buying a property with the tenant already there. It would be wise to screen him with an application just as if it were a new prospect. -

Excuse of the Day for 1/5/02:

"I can't find a roomate."

One of the 3 singles moved out. The other 2 are still responsible for the rent and swore up & down this wouldn't happen. This is the problem with singles AND with breaking my own rules. - Rocco J., NY

Excuse of the Day for 1/4/02:

"You have our security. That brings us up to date."

We won't use security as rent. These tenants are 2 months in arrears. I already have a warrant of eviction and they said they want to pay and stay. If not, I guess the sherrif will have to show them out. - Lou, BVR Mgmt

Excuse of the Day for 12/22/01:

"I'm not really going to be staying as long as I told you I would. Use my deposit. Sorry."

I'm just glad this tenant owns a business and has assets that I will attach if necessary. - Tommy, Mission Viejo, CA

Excuse of the Day for 12/18/01:

"My credit cards are all maxed out. I have to pay them first before I ruin my credit rating."

You can ruin you're credit rating by being evicted, too. At least if you pay your rent, you'll still have a place to live. - Joe, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Excuses of the Day for 12/16/01:

1. "I've been trying to call you all day so you can come and pick up the rent monies, but there was no answer so I spent it."
2. "My job has not decided how much they wanted to pay us (she has been working for the school district for two months) so I have not been paid yet."
3. "I made my son sign up for the army,now he may go to war."
4. "I had my grandkids so I could not bring you the rent money."

I could go on, she has been renting from me for 10 months never been on time. I thank God I can Work an extra 50 hours to cover her rent.
The worst thing about it- She is my older sister. - submitted by: Vanessa., Las Vegas, NV

Excuse of the Day for 12/14/01:

"My x husband beats me so now he won't pay my rent or other bills."

The truly funny part of this is rent is $500 a month and I pay all the utilities and she is a nurse. Thanks for letting me vent . - submitted by Debbie in Michigan

Excuse of the Day for 12/13/01:

"My computer is busted. I can't pay you till I can print out a check from my online checking account."

This is a first for me. I served him court papers for eviction. - submitted by Jerry M., VA

Excuse of the Day for 12/9/01:

"I had it till last night when I bought a car so I didn't have to ride the bus."

This lady hasn't paid rent on time in 5 months lol. - submitted by Debbie in Michigan

Excuse of the Day for 12/5/01:

"It's the holiday season. Give me a break!"

No, give me a break. I really don't want you to have to pay late fees and attorneys fees on TOP of your holiday shopping. - submitted by John J., San Diego, CA

Excuse of the Day for 11/27/01:

"I haven't been working much lately. I've been volunteering my time to help the less fortunate."

No offense, but you are about to be one of the less fortunate too if you force me to evict you. - submitted by Arlene, NY, NY

Excuse of the Day for 11/25/01:

"I ran out of checks. I reordered them and they'll take about 10 days. My car's a little under the weather so I can't get to to bank myself."

When I suggested taking her to the bank, she came up with more excuses. I let her know that the late fee will have to be paid. - submitted by George B., NY

Excuse of the Day for 11/24/01:

"I have my share, I'm just waiting on my babies daddy to give me his share."

- submitted by SHERNEANEL

Excuse of the Day for 11/22/01:


I told this tenant that she has running water and I can't help that her water pressure is not to her liking. Plus she's a month behind in rent. - submitted by Paul V. Toledo, OH

Excuse of the Day for 11/20/01:

"You broke your agreement. You said I would be happy here and I'm not."

Our tenant has a long list of personal problems that we weren't aware of before accepting her. The rental is fine and she has no complaints about it. She's unhappy with her relatives. I didn't guarantee her happiness in all areas of her life. - Angela R., Rancho Santa Fee, Ca.

Excuse of the Day for 11/18/01:

"My little boy is dead! He died. I don't know what I'm going to do. I need more time."

The "little boy" was her toy poodle who was put down weeks ago. Apparently she spent a fortune on the dog's funeral expenses. - Mary, Long Island City, NY

Excuse of the Day for 11/17/01:

"My mother's bathroom floor tiles are crackin an she's gonna cut her feet!"

"Thanks for letting me know. Now how about paying the rent?" - Antny, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Excuse of the Day for 11/16/01:

"The neighbors are complaining about the tree. The acorns are falling on their driveway, and it looks like a branch is going to fall!"

Oh my. How horrible! I'll talk to them. What does the tree have to do with the rent? - Steve, BVR Mangement

Excuse of the Day for 11/12/01:

"My husband may get laid off. We can't afford to pay the rent this month."

He MAY gat laid off and you can't afford the rent now? I better start eviction now before he does get laid off. - Edward F., Derry, NH

Excuse of the Day for 11/08/01:

"It doesn't matter anymore. It just doesn't matter."

It looks like it's either the sheriff or the guys in the white coats for this one. - Jerry O., Chicago

Excuse of the Day for 11/07/01:

"The dishwasher didn't work when I moved in and I know I'm not gonna get my security back so I'm living it out."

He knows he's not getting his security back because he trashed the home. - Willi N., New Port Richie, FL

Excuse of the Day for 11/06/01:

"I pay $400 in child support, and my electric bill is $900."

The apartment is about 400 square feet on the first floor. The guy probably makes $60,000 or better a year. What's his problem? - Heather from CT

Excuse of the Day for 11/05/01:

Landlord: What's going on here?
Tenant: Oh, my "girlfriend" from Colorado is here, her mother kicked her and her two kids out, so they're moving in here.
Landlord: They can't move in here, that's unacceptable. Pay your rent by the 10th, and be out by the 30th.
Tenant: What if we can't?
Landlord: That won't happen.

We are currently treating the woman and her two kids as trespassers, and are evicting the original tenant. - Heather from CT

Excuse of the Day for 11/04/01:

Stumbling out of the house drunk, in barely understandable speech, "My mother is stuck in Germany and won't be able to get a flight out for a while (during 9/11), and my boss fired me, saying that I took too much time off, I'll be paying late."

I told him that we didn't need to hear his life story and that he just needs to do what he needs to in order to get us our money! - Heather from CT

Excuse of the Day for 11/03/01:

"My ex-wife usually cashes my checks for me, and I haven't seen her for a while, can you cash it for me? It's good."

I later found out how "in-the-red" he was! - Heather from CT

Excuse of the Day for 11/02/01:

"If I can't have a dog, I'm moving and I'm not paying either. And if I don't get my security back I'll sue you and the broker."

I say bring it on. I have a signed lease that says "NO PETS". This joker thinks he can change the terms of the agreement after moving in. - Rocco J., NY

Excuse of the Day for 10/24/01:

"My cousin wants to move in too. Then you won't have any problem getting your rent."

Nobody moves in without an approved application first or it's another violation of the lease. - Bobby W., Naples, FL

Excuse of the Day for 10/22/01:

"You got to do something about the garage roof."

We did not know of any problems with the garage roof which is fairly new. I's also like to know what that has to do with the rent. - Nicole N., FL

Excuse of the Day for 10/19/01:

"My daughter's birthday party was interupted by a BUILDING INSPECTOR!!"

The building inspector came to check out the property a year and a half ago during an outside party. The tenant uses this excuse when they can't come up with anything more original. They act like it's breaking news to us. I'd still like to know how this is an excuse for not paying. And then they cry and tell us how heartless we are when we inform them of the late charge. - Submitted by Steve S. , BVR Mgmt., NY

Excuse of the Day for 10/18/01:

"I got laid off work and they only gave me 2 weeks pay, so I went on vacation!"

Me: Well you are now 20 days late. Did you find a new place to live while on vacation? Cause you are out of here. - Terry Cooper,Springfield, VA

Excuse of the Day for 10/17/01:

"My daughter needed rectal surgery so she can have normal bowel movements."

I don't know if you'll use this one. My rent unfortunately is not as important as the tenant's daughter's bowel movements. - Submitted by Tony W., ME.

Excuse of the Day for 10/10/01:

"Didn't my husband call you? He handles these things and he's out of town."

I'm sending an Urgent Late Notice and enforcing the full late fee. If it goes unpaid after 7 days, it will also have attorneys fees added on. - Submitted by Steve S. , BVR Mgmt.

Excuse of the Day for 10/6/01:

"The air conditioner in my car is broken, so I can't go and buy stamps or bring the car to get fixed. It's not late, I've had the rent sitting here since last week. You just have to come and get it."

Since I was not asked to come and pick up the rent sooner, I feel a late fee is in order. - Submitted by Jeanne, Ft. Myers, FL.

Excuse of the Day for 10/3/01:

"I don't have the money. Do what you have to do."

I believe I was fooled by a false reference form the previous landlord! - Submitted by Jeanne, Ft. Myers, FL.

Excuse of the Day for 10/1/01:

"I just had a baby and was out of work for a few weeks and my boyfriend is only working part time."

I told her to tell her boyfriend to get two part time jobs.The next month they owed two months rent and when I insisted they pay or move she brought it to me and said that is a LOT of money. - Submitted by Delores, Tennessee

Excuse of the Day for 9/30/01:

"I want a washer & dryer and a shed and I'm not paying until you give it to me."

This tenant has been there 6 months and now decides to try and change the agreement. Why me? - submitted by Peter S., New Port Richie, FL

Excuse of the Day for 9/25/01:

"The mailbox is broken."

So? I'll fix it. Now what about the rent? - submitted by Tom W., Ca

Excuse of the Day for 9/20/01:

"My boss couldn't pay me because he needed the money to bail out a relative of his from jail."

Now that's one I haven't heard before! - submitted by Mary Miller, Mississippi

Excuse of the Day for 9/18/01:

"I just had liposuction. The rent will have to wait. Don't bother me again!"

Well maybe now you'll be able to fit through the courtroom doors for your eviction case. (I didn't really say that, I just called my lawyer) - submitted by Harold S.

Excuse of the Day for 9/13/01:

"My water bill is over $400. I haven't cut the lawn in over a month.This place looks like hell and you have the nerve to ask me for the rent?"

Yes, and I also have the nerve to evict you for all your lease violations. - submitted by Steve S., NY

Excuse of the Day for 9/10/01:

"If you won't drive me to work anymore, I'm not payin the rent."

I thought I was being nice driving her on occasion, but she now feels it's my resposibility. I know I made a big mistake. Never again. - submitted by Ingrid, K., Las Vegas, Nevada

Excuse of the Day for 9/08/01:

"The air conditioning went out and made our wine go bad."

These tenants went ballistic when we offered to have the wine tested. They will use any excuse to make unauthorized rent deductions. - submitted by S.W., Arizona

Excuse of the Day for 9/04/01:

"We have a bee's nest in the front shingles. My daughter is allergic."

Part of being responsible for a house is taking care of things like that. Look in your lease. - submitted by Lou, NY

Excuse of the Day for 9/02/01:

"I am still waiting for my divorce settlement. "

My bank will not wait for your divorce settlement, so neither can I. I'm sorry we'll have to lose you as a tenant. - submitted by Irma, CA

Excuse of the Day for 8/29/01:

"I have to pay my new landlord. Otherwise I can't move. I need my security back before I move too, to give to the new landlord."

I told her "I'm sorry but the security will be used to pay for evicting you." - submitted by Lou C., NY

Excuse of the Day for 8/26/01:

"I cant pay my rent because you had my inoperable vehicle towed from the yard. The money that I would have paid you is going to be spent to get my car out of impoundment as I dont have the money for the car now and I wont be able to get it til next week, and they charge a daily fee."

This guy was given 15 days to move the car. This ones outta here. - submitted by Diane S., Hopewell, Va

Excuse of the Day for 8/25/01:

"My ex-husband's girlfriend's daughter's transmission went."

She now contends that my rent is dependant on her ex-husband's payments. I'd never have rented to her on those terms. - submitted by Alex R., Maine

Excuse of the Day for 8/17/01:

"Just give me a break. C'mon! I work hard and you have all these houses! Give a little guy a break."

I already gave you a break by taking your word for it that you'd honor your agreement. I said. - submitted by Joey T., Bellmore, NY

Excuse of the Day for 8/12/01:

"I know you are behind on your mortgage! Why should I pay if you're not?"

Yes, I am behind, but won't be for long. I'm still upholding my end of the lease, and you are in violation. I hope you are ready to be evicted. - submitted by James S., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Excuse of the Day for 8/11/01:

"We're having a family re-union and that's going to set us back for a while. You'll have to hang in there with us."

No I won't. That rental is grossly under market. - submitted by Mosen Jones, La Jolla, CA

Excuse of the Day for 8/10/01:

"My husband was arrested and is now in jail. I don't have the rent and I need to move out right away."

She got out quick, thank goodness. - submitted by John N., Wantagh, NY

Excuse of the Day for 8/6/01:

"Our lease is up at the end of the month, so we are not going to pay the rent as we now have to look for another place to live... "

- Submitted by K1LTSRUS

Excuse of the Day for 8/4/01:

"My husband accidentally dropped a lotion bottle in the toilet. He and the plumber had the toilet on the front lawn until my husband who is a chef got out the bottle with his long fork. So we paid a plumber $135. to have a chef fix the toilet."

I don't know what this has to do with not paying the rent. - Martina K., PA

Excuse of the Day for 7/29/01:

"The real estate told me you'd work with me."

I already have a job. So how about paying the rent. I think the agent must have meant I'll put up with you - but I need the rent. - Martina K., PA

Excuse of the Day for 7/28/01:

"You didn't tell me the A/C bills would be so high."

That's because the unit was rented to you without air conditioning. You provided your own A/C and you pay your own electric bill. Silly Tenant. - Steve S. Ronkonkoma, NY

Excuse of the Day for 7/25/01:

"I can't pay all my rent because I had to buy an airconditioner."

One day this tenant is going to be out on the curb with an airconditioner. - Alex R., NJ

Excuse of the Day for 7/22/01:

"I know you are going to keep my security deposit."

He's right, and that's just for damages. I'm also going to get a judgement for unpaid rent and garnish his salary. - Ann M., FL

Excuse of the Day for 7/19/01:

"I have mold in my bathroom."

She saw a news report about toxic molds and now is searching the house. She also needs to seriously clean her bathroom. - Jane H., CT

Excuse of the Day for 7/14/01:

"I have the money, but I am so busy, I just don't know when I can get over to you with the rent."

She also doesn't have the time for me to come and get it. (It's right down the block) That is why I supply tenants with pre addressed envelopes. I let her know that I hope she's able to find the time and a 34 cent stamp to avoid the $100. late fee. - Lou C., NY

Excuse of the Day for 7/12/01:

"No more money should change hands if you won't sit down and talk to me."

This situation was a rental to share my house and this tenant required alot of my personal attention. I didn't include maintenance of emotional stability in the agreement. - Diane, CA

Excuse of the Day for 7/11/01:

"I'm waiting for my insurance settlement. It should be coming any day now."

The tenant had a car accident. Apparently, she has prioritized her designer nails, hats and dinners out above the rent. The late charge will have to straighten her out. - George, N.J.

Excuse of the Day for 7/9/01:

"My rent is always on time, but my daughter's #@*&'n ex- husband is late with her share of the rent all the #@*&'n time! Don't send me no more of them notices. They get me all upset."

The daughter is also on the lease, and the rent is always late. As long as they are late, we are sending notices and assessing late charges. - George, N.J.

Excuse of the Day for 7/4/01:

"The bus doesn't stop here any more."

This person liked the convenience of a school bus stop right in front of the house. Now it is about 300 feet away. - Jack K., N.Y.

Excuse of the Day for 7/3/01:

"This house has air conditioning ducts, but no air conditioning! I'm not paying the rent until you fix this. I'm an old lady. I have a heart condition. I can't take this heat.

First of all, these people are going into their 3rd year in that house that was rented to them with NO A/C. Plus, this "old lady" has an excuse EVERY month. - George, N.J.

Excuse of the Day for 7/1/01:

"I heard you are planning to sell the house. Why should I pay rent if you are going to sell?"

Because I will evict you if you don't pay the rent! - Jemal G. Los Angeles, CA.

Excuse of the Day for 6/19/01:

"I'm not paying the rent until you have a plumber clean my pipes."

In our lease (LPA) the tenants are responsible for plumbing stoppages. This particular tenant is constantly clogging the drains with grease, hair, Q-Tips, etc. I will not pay to have her pipes cleaned! - Alex K., N.J.

Excuse of the Day for 6/11/01:

"Why should I pay? The lease means nothing! I didn't even sign my real name."

This genius is on the deadbeat database, and is also in some trouble with the law. - John Como, NY

Excuse of the Day for 6/4/01:

"I have jury duty."

I know it gets you out of work, but not out of paying rent. - Jeanne M., WA

Excuse of the Day for 6/1/01:

"The bills are so high and we cleaned up the yard. I was out there pulling weeds and throwing away garbage and I didn't even ask you to do it!"

They didn't ask me to help because maintenance is their responsibility. - Steve S., Nassau County, NY

Excuse of the Day for 5/25/01:

"The neighbor leaves his garage door open all day long! This is supposed to be a high class area!"

This tenant likes things just so. He has aleady complained to the condo board and left notes for the neighbor. He'll pay the rent with a late fee because it's not my fault the neighbor likes fresh air in his garage. - Joey B., Florida

Excuse of the Day for 5/20/01:

"I think it's OK if we pay the rent late, because after we get our tax refund, we will pay ahead of time."

(This tenant was evicted May 13, 2001 for non-payment of May rent and other violations of the lease).- Al

Excuse of the Day for 5/18/01:

"The rent will have to wait. My son is taking a date to the prom and I had to rent a tuxedo and a limo. These things only happen once in a lifetime."

- Sal & Sue, Valley Stream, NY

Excuse of the Day for 5/14/01:

"I want to buy the house.I don't have the rent right now, but I have money coming to me."

I've had this story before also. First of all, the house is not for sale. Second of all, why would I want to sell to anybody that can't even pay the rent? Wantingto buy the house does not buy credibility with me. - Steve, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Excuse of the Day for 5/12/01:

"Don't worry. I'm getting it on Tuesday. My commission check bounced and I have to redeposit it."

I've had this story before with other tenants and I've never yet seen the tenant come through as promised. That is why I agreed to give him this one chance to prove his word and his signature are good with a promise to pay form. My lawyer is ready to start on Wednesday. - Dan A., OH

Excuse of the Day for 5/11/01:

"Our utilities are getting too high. We keep gettin hit with big bills."

Do you think maybe you can't afford the home you live in? - Anita K., NY

Excuse of the Day for 5/10/01:

"My religion prevents me from touching money today."

No problem, I said. Just hand me your wallet. - Rocco J. Queens, NY

Excuse of the Day for 5/7/01:

"My husband got hit by a car and you know I had open heart surgery. So I can't have any stress. You'll get the rent in another week or so. You know we're always good for it."

Hit by a car again? And didn't you have that surgery last year? Unfortunately, he somehow lost $2550. in cash. Again. Any story to avoid the late charge. Not this time. This one's getting old. - John Como, Wantagh, NY

Excuse of the Day for 5/6/01 :

NO excuse at all.

My tenant just doesn't pay, or pays when ever she darn well feels like it! No explaination, rent is due on the 1st of the month, when i send her a late notice on the 15th , i get a dirty look, like "BOY DO I HAVE A NERVE"! I get ignored, the works. - Submitted by LPA visitor

Excuse of the Day for 5/1/01 :

"I couldn't sell my comic books."

The tenant is out of a job and is depending on Superman and Spiderman to save him. - Submitted by Tom W., CA

Excuse of the Day for 4/30/01 :

"We ran out of blue envelopes."

I supply my tenants with preprinted envelopes for their convenience. I explain at the lease signing that they will someday run out and actaully have to write our address on a plain envelope to send the rent. Our address is also on the lease. Do they listen? NOOOOOOOO! - Submitted by John N., East Meadow, NY

Excuse of the Day for 4/25/01 :

"We're not paying! We just don't think we should have to pay."

The judge asked the tenants today and that was their answer. When asked what they want or why they don't think they should pay the rent, our college student tenants said: "I don't know." They were told to come back next week with a lawyer or to be ready to represent themselves for trial. Why wait? I ask. - Submitted by Louie C., Uniondale, NY

Excuse of the Day for 4/23/01 :

"I you are selling, I'm not paying. I've done so much taking care of this property and you're going to make money on it!" .

I gave her a year's notice that I plan to sell next year. She doesn't realize that her rent has always been well below market. I won't hesitate to evict if she does not respond to my "Urgent Notice".- Sal M., Valley Stream, NY

Excuse of the Day for 4/22/01 :

"I got a ticket for driving on a suspended license and had to spend 2 days in jail and pay $1000. I'm really too tired to talk to you right now."

This guy insults our intelligence to such an extreme that I think his parents were siblings.- Submitted by Dan and Julie Nunn, Marysville, Washington

Excuse of the Day for 4/20/01 :

"I need the money to move with."

They have no visible plans to move soon, so we informed the tenant that they had better make other living arrangements before the sheriff removes them.We have no choice but to begin legal proceedings. - Submitted by Deana Marie, Wantagh, NY

Excuse of the Day for 4/19/01 :

"I'm afraid that if I pay you, you'll keep my security deposit."

Good excuse. But why now? "Are you planning on leaving without notice. Is there a reason you think I would need to keep the deposit?" I asked.- Joe B. Naples, FL

Excuse of the Day for 4/18/01 :

"I may be borrowing $2,000. from someone at work."

Should I warn his coworkers? - Dan and Julie Nunn, Marysville, Washington

Excuse of the Day for 4/17/01 :

"The downstairs tenant is smoking and I can smell it. I won't pay if I have to breath other people's smoke!"

I rented the downstairs apt to people who said they didn't smoke, but they lied. They are in violation of their lease for smoking in the rental, and now the upstairs tenant is in violation and owes late fees for not paying the rent. I will evict them. Non-payment is even more serious a violation than smoking. - Rocco J. Queens, NY

Excuse of the Day for 4/16/01 :

"I'm going to H&R block right now (closes in 10 minutes) but I have to find my kids first".

Your wife can find your kids, she's home. Get the rent! It was 2 more weeks before we got that months rent. The check was never waiting for him at H&R block. - Dan and Julie Nunn, Marysville, Washington

Excuse of the Day for 4/15/01 :

"Let's not talk about this now. Right now the important thing is that the kids enjoy their Easter vacation. I'll deal with the rent next week. Good bye."

Ever want to kick the crap out of somebody on a holy holiday?. I need to raise the late fees. - Rocco J. Queens, NY

Excuse of the Day for 4/14/01 :

"They accidentally dated our paychecks for the 10th" .

Take it up with your employer, we still have a contract. - Dan and Julie Nunn, Marysville, Washington

Excuse of the Day for 4/12/01 :

"My housemates didn't give me their share of the rent. I'm not going to be resposible for them anymore.I don't care anymore. Go ahead and evict us."

Now he cares because my attorney just served them. Now they'll pay late fees and attorney fees. - Tommy T., Tustin, CA

Excuse of the Day for 4/11/01 :

"I don't have the rent money, but I ordered a pizza to be delivered to your family."

Gee, that makes me feel so much better. Too bad I can't pay the mortgage with pizza! Joseph T., N.Merrick, NY

Excuse of the Day for 4/10/01 :

"I bought a home and moved out. I can't make my mortgage and pay rent to you too."

This tenant decided to move in the middle of the lease term without any notice. He is still responsible for the remainder of the lease. I may have to pursue this in court. Jeanne M., CA

Excuse of the Day for 4/7/01 :

"I don't know when I'm gonna have a chance to pay you. I'm so busy with work lately. You'll have to come over late one night later in the week."

Either she's flirting or wants to pay heavy late fees. I'm going to start inserting a "pick up " charge for people who make me pick up the rent personally. If I could afford to, I'd just let the late fees build and try to enforce it, but I need the money now. Brandon F., NY

Excuse of the Day for 4/6/01 :

"I'm moving out. You'll just have to collect from my roomates."

Our lease states thet all parties on the lease are equally responsible for the rent. If the rent is not paid, they'll all be equally responsible for the judgement and damaged credit. Joanie F., NC

Excuse of the Day for 4/3/01 :

"I missed a lot of work being involved with the PTA."

Eviction is beginning immediately. John C., FL

Excuse of the Day for 4/2/01 :

"The screens are ripped. The rent will have to wait until I have new screens."

She ripped the screens herself over the last 3 years. I'll ask in the Q&A about what to do. Bonnie K., N.Y.

Excuse of the Day for 3/31/01 :

"It's coming. I'm going to be getting a very large settlement."

We all know that's a B.S. story, since she can give us no idea as to when the rent will be paid. And even if it was the truth, I need the rent NOW. I told her to raise the rent somehow, or she'll be waiting for her "settlement" someplace else. Richie B., Boston, MA.

Excuse of the Day for 3/30/01 :

"I have buy a new transmission for my car."

He probably has no choice, but I will make him sign a promise to pay form. Maria B., Conn.

Excuse of the Day for 3/29/01 :

"This is an ILLEGAL APARTMENT! I'm not paying anymore till I find another place. However long that takes."

I will be starting eviction. And I won't let this tenant intimidate me by threatening to report the apartment. Thanks for your ideas and encouragement. Herb M., NJ

Excuse of the Day for 3/28/01 :

"My dog cut his toe in the yard. I'm not paying rent until you pay the vet.

I thanked Sabrina for bringing it to our attention that she is in violation of her lease for a) having a pet on the premises, and b) not paying the rent. Unfortunately, a full blown eviction was unavoidable. (But fast & great because our lease protected us well.) John N., Bellmore, NY

Excuse of the Day for 3/27/01 :

"I have the thermostat on 90, but the heat only goes up to 85 degrees. You have to get this fixed!"

I couldn't believe it. He was used to Puerto Rico. When it is 0 degrees, 85 is darned good. I told him to pay the rent and stop walking around in his underwear. (even when I was there) Joe, Uniondale, NY

Excuse of the Day for 3/25/01 :

"I accidentally mailed your rent to my old landlord. Don't worry, I'll get him to return it."

I said I'll waive the late charge if I get the money in 3 days because this is the first time and they are new tenants. I know that was very generous, but I warned them that if the rent is ever late again even one day, I will enforce late fees. Ike, San Diego,CA

Excuse of the Day for 3/24/01 :

"I forgot where to send it."

I said, "Why didn't we get a call from you? Our address & ph # is on your lease. I hope you didn't forget the late fee too. We never forget that." Bob K., RI

Excuse of the Day for 3/23/01 :

"I'm waiting for my tax return."

Why do I hear this every year? Submitted by Dan M., Toledo, Ohio

Excuse of the Day for 3/22/01 :

"My bedroom window is broken. I'm not paying until you fix it."

The lease (LPA) states that the tenants are responsible for fixing windows that become broken during the tenancy. (This window is broken on the inside pane. The tenants say they don't know how it happened.)Submitted by Louise C., Seaford, NY

Excuse of the Day for 3/20/01 :

"I slipped on the front steps and broke my ankle. My lawyer says not to pay because we're suing you."

She admitted to me it was her own clumsyness. But these trashy people see opportuntity. Submitted by Joe S. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Excuse of the Day for 3/18/01 :

"The train is too loud and I can't sleep."

These tenants claim that we didn't disclose that the train makes noise. The home is right across the street from the railroad. You can't miss it. They want all their money back or to live for free until they find a new place. They're now in the process of being evicted. Submitted by Stevey R., Philadephia, PA

Excuse of the Day for 3/17/01 :

"I gave my rent to a friend who was going to be evicted from his apartment."

I hope he is a good friend who is going to let you live with him now that you are going to be evicted! Submitted by

Excuse of the Day for 3/16/01 :

"We've spoken to friends who also think our rent is too high."

Their friends don't live in beautiful homes. I suggested that they move out voluntarily if they are uncomfortable paying the rent. Submitted by Lil, Anchorage, Alaska

Excuse of the Day for 3/13/01 :

"My mother is sick and needed me to help. I spent the whole month out of town. Why should I pay full rent when I didn't even use the place?"

Give me a break. Submitted by Donald, AZ

Excuse of the Day for 3/10/01 :

"I've been under so much stress lately. Do whatever you want with me. I'm signing myself into the mental health ward."

And I thought I'd heard it all. Submitted by Mario Rocco N., N.Y.

Excuse of the Day for 3/7/01 :

"I just put in new carpeting and a new screen door! After all it's an investment in your house."

I was thinking "WHY ME?" My lease prohibits unauthorized deductions from rent. I know he knew what the lease says. Playing dumb is a skill all professional are very skilled at. I evicted him (for non-payment and other violations)and collected on the judgement in full. Submitted by John N., N.Y.

Excuse of the Day for 3/6/01 :

"My husband has Bell's Palsy."

It's something new every month. Bell's Palsy is when the nerves to some of the face muscles (usually on one side) become inactive. So WHERE'S THE RENT?!
Submitted by Lou C., NY

Excuse of the Day for 3/5/01 :

"I ran outa stamps."

"Just think of all the stamps you could have bought with the late fee you're paying," I said.
Submitted by Naila S., Sacramento, CA

Excuse of the Day for 3/4/01 :

"A car hit the house and made our food go bad."

This tenant felt that she should be included in the insurance settlement from the car accident which caused them to lose electricity for approximately 10 hours. She expected us to work over the insurance company and split the killing with her. We did neither. They were evicted by the sherrif in their socks in the rain.
Submitted by John C., NY

Excuse of the Day for 3/3/01 :

"I'm calling from out of state right now. I'll have to bring you the money when I get back next week."

This guy was always a liar and a con man that I inherited with the house. I could see on my caller ID that he was calling from home.
Submitted by John Nuzzolese, East Meadow, NY

Excuse of the Day for 3/2/01 :

"Our dog chewed up my wallet AND THE RENT!"

Sounds like a kid's excuse, but I saw the chewed up wallet and some pieces of shredded cash. I'm now going to purchase one of your lease violation forms because NO PETS are allowed in my house!
Submitted by Thomas Wilhelm, Mission Viejo, CA

Excuse of the Day for 3/1/01 :

"My lease is EXPIRED! You can't make me do anything now."

Well, obviously they didn't have the rent money and desparately needed an excuse. Mr. and Mrs. X actually believed they could re-negotiate a whole new deal. Friends advised them that the last thing I would want to do is lose great tenants like them. WRONG!
Submitted by Danny Mark, Toledo, Ohio

Excuse of the Day for 2/28/01 :

"My cat is very sick. I spent my rent money on my cat's medical bills."

"Oh, how sad," I said. "It's a shame that your cat will not only be sick, but homeless too, because I can't allow you to stay without paying the rent. Try to raise the money ASAP, because the attorneys bill will be added on in a few days." She paid the next day, thank goodness!
Submitted by Devon Leonard, NY

Excuse of the Day for 2/27/01 :

"I have roaches in my underwear!"

She actually has them in her underwear drawer. I have been after these people ever since they brought their little friends with them to at least make an effort to keep the rental clean and cooperate with exterminating. This tenant is late every month with a new excuse. Now, when I insist on the rent being paid,all of a sudden she doesn't like the roaches anymore. - Submitted by Steve S. Lake Ronkonkoma, N.Y.

Excuse of the Day for 2/26/01 :

"The toilet is backing up! It won't go down."

A great excuse to not pay, huh? It turns out our tenant never heard of a plunger. The toilet was almost new, the sewer lines and plumbing were perfectly clear, but the toilet was clogged by heavy duty industrial sized waste. I told the complaining tenant that the toilet was made for normal residential use, NOT for industial sized loads which require more than one flush!
Submitted by John Klein, Houston, TX

Excuse of the Day for 2/25/01 :

"You didn't even check me out. Go ahead and evict me. I know exactly what I'm doing. Good luck getting me out."

I was completely fooled and shocked with this seeming perfect tenant. This was one heck of a nightmare tenant. I did finally evict her after a lot of expense and aggravation.
Submitted by Joe N., Ft. Meyers, FL

Excuse of the Day for 2/24/01 :

"We decided we're just not going to pay this month. Last winter (1999) we were without heat for days."

This excuse was given 1/24/01 after allowing the tenants the requested extra time to get the rent together. The did pay the rent + attorney fees + February after being served by our attorney. - Submitted by Bonnie K., NY

Excuse of the Day for 2/23/01:

"My husband got hit by a car and lost his cash."

Fortunately, Mr. X had no injuries and seemed fine. Unfortunately, he somehow lost $2550. in cash. Again. - Submitted by John Como, Wantagh, NY

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