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Security Deposit Refund Letter | Security Settlement Challenge Crusher

Security Deposit Refund Letter

Have you ever seen a tenant agree with your deductions from the security deposit??

The purpose of The Settlement Challenge Response Letter is to quickly squash any unfounded tenant arguments about deductions from the security deposit refund and acts as a security deposit refund letter.

Be Prepared with The Security Settlement Challenge Crusher


Even though the Security Settlement Statement has already itemized the deductions in detail for the tenant, some people will still be determined to fight for what they feel is their money.

If you've held back deposit money from former tenants, you have probably been through some uncomfortable confrontations with the tenants who believe they are entitled to more of a refund. It is common to hear them boast about leaving the rental "better than it was at move in." It seems like they go in with eyes wide open and leave with blinders on.

How to Use this Form

This document explains that careful thought and time went into handling the security settlement. It also instructs the tenant to bring a copy of the lease, settlement statement, etc. to their attorney for review and explanation. That suggestion usually takes the wind out of their sails because they were thinking of trying to intimidate you by threatening to go to their lawyer. They now know that you are not afraid. You're actually asking them to go to their lawyer because you know they haven't a leg to stand on. Your paperwork is complete and in order.

The Security Settlement Challenge Crusher is a Landlord Protection tool and not a weapon. It should be used carefully and fairly.

In downloadable MS Word format, you can add your own letterhead, ideas or modifications to this form.
security deposit refund letter

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