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Notice of Lease Violation

Are any of your tenants in violation of their lease?

The Notice of Lease Violation (also known as a "Cure or Quit Notice") warns the tenants that they need to correct the listed violation(s) in order to bring their lease back into good standing. It is a serious looking document that identifies the tenants with social security numbers, the premises and the violation(s). Don't hesitate to notify your tenants that they are in violation of their agreement. Small problems can turn into big ones if we don't tend to them early enough. to Essential landlord rental forms page with Apartment Lease rental agreement, rental application, eviction notices, lease form, lease purchase option, furnished lease, apartment lease, pay rent or quit, notice to vacate, notice to terminate tenancy

This form may be used for major and minor problems you may need to correct. For example:

  • Your tenants are delinquent with the rent
  • There are unauthorized occupants in your rental
  • You want to enforce your No Smoking clause
  • Or your No Pet clause
  • Your tenant is causing a disturbance to neighbors
  • You have a tenant in violation for not maintaining the property as agreed. Tending to the matter early can eliminate a big expensive clean-up job
  • The tenant is storing an unregistered vehicle on your lawn
  • The tenant is damaging your property

Whether your tenants have an unauthorized pet, unauthorized resident or neglected property condition, you must notify them of the violation. You may then have the option of enforcing any violation penalties you may have in your lease agreement. Some landlords even charge violation fees. That's up to you. In the event the tenancy goes sour, and you wind up in Landlord - Tenant Court, copies of any violation notices to the tenant may be relevant in enforcing your case.

Remember to send official notices by certified mail and also by regular mail to tenants. Be sure to record the article # on the document being sent and on your own copy.

The Notice of Lease Violation is an excellent tool for enforcing your lease for maximum Landlord Protection.

Lease Violation Notice form at Essential landlord rental forms page with lease rental agreement, rental application, eviction notices, pay rent or quit, notice to vacate, notice to terminate tenancy

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