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Is there a squatting law in Los Angeles? - Landlord Forum thread 114827

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Is there a squatting law in Los Angeles? by Craig on October 24, 2005 @19:19

In Los Angeles, CA, my sister has her boyfriend living in the family home (which my father is the owner, but my father does not reside in). My father asked the boyfriend 3 months ago to start paying rent or move out. He's resisting. Its coming on 9 consecutive months now that the boyfriend has resided there, and a friend of mine said we need to worry about "squatter's rights", implying that if the boyfriend lives there for 1 year, we cannot get him to leave even if he refuses the sign the lease and pay the rent my father has requested of him.

Is there such a thing as "squatter's rights" in Los Angeles? If so what are they and how can we prevent the boyfriend from using this to stay in the house rent free? Where can I find out more information?


- Craig

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No "Squatters" Law by SDlandlord on October 25, 2005 @18:38 [ Reply ]
No, he doesn't get to stay. He's not "home free" after a year of free-loading.

The boyfriend is a month-to-month tenant, albeit with $0 monthly rent, but a tenant nonetheless. Treat him as such.

First, go to your library and get some books on landlording. Also, Nolo Press puts out an excellent California Landlord book, about $30 and worth every penny. Make sure you have the latest edition, check your local bookstore or online.

If you want him to stay and pay rent, give him a WRITTEN 30 day notice of change of terms of tenancy (rent increase). If he doesn't pay on time, start eviction proceedings.

If you want him out, give him a WRITTEN 30 day termination notice. If he doesn't leave on time, start eviction proceedings.

Good luck.

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