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Charge extra for pets? - Landlord Forum thread 118291

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Charge extra for pets? by MyProperty - MyRules on February 24, 2006 @17:52

My tenant is good. She pays on time, doesn't complain and keeps my apartment nice and neat and clean.
Her lease says "No Pets without written consent of landlord"...So last summer she tells me that her mother-in-law is having work dont and ask if she can have a cat in her apartment for a few months, until December. I said Okay. The cat is still there. I didn't charge her anything extra. Her lease is up next month, and I'm thinking about adding on $50 for the new tenant (the cat).
How much extra do you guys charge for pets?
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Re: Charge extra for pets? by MyProperty - MyRules on February 24, 2006 @17:55 [ Reply ]
Clarification: My tenant told me that her mother-in-law is having work done in her home that could harm her cat and asked if the cat could stay in her apartment for a few months, and it's still there. It's really tenant's daughter's cat and they want to keep it, obviously.

But I don't like the slick stuff.

Re: Charge extra for pets? by Anonymous on February 24, 2006 @18:43 [ Reply ]
I probably would not charge a monthly fee, I would have them sign a pet agreement and get a $300.00 pet deposit. Only problem is that the deposit is potentially refundable provided there is no damage, whereas the pet rent would be yours to keep. Either way, charge them something. We charge $50.00 per month for dogs, cats I would probably charge less.
Re: Charge extra for pets? by Anonymous on February 24, 2006 @19:54 [ Reply ]
My local complex charge $200-500 non-refundable pet fee with an additional $25-50 per month per pet. The prices is set according to the size of the animal.

How much does it cost to clean a urine stained carpet in your area. If the cat isn't declawed you'll probably find damage around the door frames an in the corners. If your tenants are good, they may have flea treatment, if not, better factor in pets control services.

Re: Charge extra for pets? by Amy in NY on February 25, 2006 @15:44 [ Reply ]
I only have 1 set of tenants with pets, and no longer allow them. I charged 1 month rent and waived $25/month/cat. I also require yearly updates from vet (shots, overall good health, etc)
Absolutely! by TourMgt in PA on February 27, 2006 @23:05 [ Reply ]
Our building is in a somewhat economically depressed area, at least compared to a lot of the LL's who write here. But even so, we charge $25 a month for the privilege of having pets. This keeps people from having them 'just because they can'. Plus a relatively small $75 extra security deposit, of which $40 is non-refundable for cleaning & deodorizing. Also, any apartment with new carpet is automatically not allowed to have pets. The exception here is that if a tenant buys the carpet, they can have pets on it.
Oh, and the way this person dealt with you to 'sneak' the pet in there.... that's a hint that you may have to keep an eye on them - they obviously think that since they are 'good' tenants, that you'll look the other way on some things. Give 'em an inch.....
Re: Charge extra for pets? by MyProperty - MyRules on March 3, 2006 @02:23 [ Reply ]
Thanks for the helpful info.

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