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Re: Tenant moves out without paying rent on lease - Landlord Forum thread 121648

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Re: Tenant moves out without paying rent on lease by Anonymous on May 16, 2006 @15:55

So if they are out and I have changed the locks they have no recourse on me regarding the lease.. And I can lease the propety to someone else?..sorry I've been a landlord for only about 8 weeks. Thanks for your help!
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Re: Tenant moves out without paying rent on lease by CA Landlady on May 16, 2006 @16:28 [ Reply ]
You know, if you are an 8 week landlord, i strongly suggest you spend every spare moment learning the cumbersome legal ins and outs of being a landlord in this TENANT friendly state. Not knowing the rules and laws can cost you HUGE. Get to a Barnes and Noble and buy a tenant/landlord book and read it cover to cover - best $20 you'll ever spend, because NOT knowing the rules and laws can cost you $$$$$$$$'s
Re: Tenant moves out without paying rent on lease by Anon on May 17, 2006 @01:19 [ Reply ]
If BOTH tenants do not sign off as you put it, you cannot change the locks & re-rent the place cuz technically they still are renting the place even if they are behind on their rent.

You need to issue the demand for rent when they are past due with the correct amount of days they have to cure their default before you can proceed with filing for eviction with the courts.

If you just change the locks, your tenant can come back & sue you for locking them out & THEY will win in court & you will be out lots of $$. Courts do not take kindly on landlords that break the law & will punish you dearly. A Real Estate Attorney told me of a case that the landlord who locked out his tenant was sued by the tenant & won. The landlord was fined 1 months rent for EACH DAY the tenant was locked out (30 days) which cost the guy $30,000.

READ UP ON THE LANDLORD TENANT LAWS or better yet call an Real Estate Attorney that deals specifically with landlord/tenant issues.

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