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criminal trespass? - Landlord Forum thread 126960

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criminal trespass? by New Landlord in CT on August 9, 2006 @17:25

I entered my tenants home to make a repair without notification. We had talked about the repair prior but didn't set a date. Now my tenant wants to file criminal trespass charges against me. Does anyone know if I can be charged?
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Re: criminal trespass? by Eric on August 9, 2006 @17:30 [ Reply ]
Possibly, obviously we don't have the verbatim conversation between you and your tenants.

However, if they are reasonable people, I would try to smooth it over with them to avoid a court appearance. Admit your mistake, and explain your intentions.

Re: criminal trespass? by flanative on August 9, 2006 @17:59 [ Reply ]
Does your lease or rental agreement say anything about your right to enter the premises for routine or emergency repairs? Personally, I would tell a tenant to have at it, if I received that kind of threat. And then would get rid of the tenant at the first reasonable opportunity. But, I'm in Florida, law enforcement here would ignore the tenant altogether in a situation like that.
Re: criminal trespass? by Andrea on August 10, 2006 @00:35 [ Reply ]
It depends on the repair. If it was a necessary repair that prevented major damage, then you should have the right to enter at a reasonable time. Check your tenant/landlord law for your area/state. Because you had talked about it, it was known. I am a property manager and work with several agents. It is common for us to get a common feel for each tenant and if they seem to be problematic, then we will go with a second person for accountability reasons.
Re: criminal trespass? by evict on August 10, 2006 @17:01 [ Reply ]

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