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Rude tenants - Landlord Forum thread 129027

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Rude tenants by Ugly Duckling on October 8, 2006 @14:01

I am not an attractive woman. My tenants remind of that every day.
They are not rude to my face, but the walls are thin and even though I don't try to listen to them, they are so loud it is impossible not to hear them.
After payuing the rent next door to me they usually run back into their apartment laughing loudly and saying how gross and disgusting I am.
I am embarrassed to say anything about it, but it is getting louder and louder and it is humiliating. They probably know I can hear it, but don't care if it's not face to face. They are so "sweet" to me face to face, but I know it is a phoney act.

Is there a professional way to handle this? It is very upsetting because I really need the income.

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Re: Rude tenants by Anonymous on October 8, 2006 @15:32 [ Reply ]
Pay no attention to their comments. You are the owner, they are the renters. That should give you satisfaction enough.

Are they MTM tenants? You can always terminate their tenancy and start with someone else.

Another important thing is how you feel about yourself, not how someone else does. The comments they make are really more telling about them and not about you.

Re: Rude tenants by Anonymous on October 8, 2006 @20:31 [ Reply ]
I personally would let them know that I was hearing thier comments. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to live there peacefully as well & shouldnt have to put up with stupid crap like that. I would do that, then raise thier rent & get em out.
Re: Rude tenants by just me on October 8, 2006 @21:17 [ Reply ]
True beauty comes from the inside... Either have them move or have them pay by money order, so you dont have to deal with such non sense. When will adults grow up and stop acting like children, that crap should have been left in grade school.
Re: Rude tenants by aspca on October 8, 2006 @21:30 [ Reply ]
Raise the rent.
Re: Rude tenants by MyPropertyMyRules on October 9, 2006 @11:54 [ Reply ]
Listen Ugly Duckling, what others think of you is their problem.

Too bad, they think you're so unattractive and they have to deal with you anyway.

You were attractive enough to get yourself a house...a house that is attractive enough for them to want to live there.

How many points is that? WHO'S winning?

Maybe if they'd spend more time minding their business and less time worrying about and talking about you, they'd have their own house and some business to mind.

By the way, you said you're not attractive. I suppose you mean you're not physically attractive. Most of us are both attractive and unattractive in unique ways, and attractive isn't only physical.

We all know people who weren't so attractive when first we laid eyes on 'em, but they became beautiful as we got to know them.
By the same token, we all know people who appeared to be beautiful UNTIL we got to know them.

"Gross and disgusting" is more like when you don't take showers, use your deoderant and wear clean clothes.
Stay on top of that and respect people and you'll be the best YOU can be and have a higher opinion of yourself.

I know people have feelings and nobody wants to hear people making fun of them but you know what?

Thicken your skin!

Fugg them...

they don't have to find you attractive. You're not trying to marry them, you're renting to them. When you hear them talking about you, you think of your favorite song and sing.

Sing because you're the one collecting the $$$$ and not renting from THEM.

Later for their personal opinions, they just need to take care of your apartment and have that rent on time, that's all.


Re: Rude tenants by RestlessKnight on October 15, 2006 @01:04 [ Reply ]
Second vote in rent increase. If accepted and MTM, then raise, collect and repeat monthly until they are forced out. I'd be discussing how my stupid tenants will never amount to anything other than dollars in my bank account.

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