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Re: Short on rent - Landlord Forum thread 129844

Re: Short on rent by George B on August 25, 2001 @02:44

LOU C on 11/30/100 9:45 PM said: >>I TELL MY TENANTS TO CALL ME IF THEY WANT ANYTHING DONE TO THE PROPERTY. >> >>IF THEY DO ANY REPAIRS OR WORK ON THE HOUSE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, I WILL NOT PAY. >> >> >> >>IF THEY WANT ANYTHING DONE BY ME THAT IS NOT AN EMERGENCY, THEY MUST REQUEST IT IN WRITING. THEN I'LL DECIDE IF I WANT TO DO IT FOR THEM OR WORK OUT A DEAL. >> >> >> I used to take a lot of abuse from my tenants abd allowed mant unapproved deductions from rent only because I didn't know how to approach the situation. I've gotten much better at dealing with it. I tell them when they sign the lease that unauthorized deductions will not be tolerated. It happens to say it in the lease so I just read it to them and it sounds much more official. I reccommend not letting tenants lay out any expenses for repairs either even when its an approved repair. Because I don't like giving them the feeling that they have any part in dealing with contractors or repairmen tha I hired. Sometimes they'll take it on themselves to try and get other work out of the repairman and charge it to the same job that I ordered. George
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