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Unregistered car in driveway - Landlord Forum thread 132921

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Unregistered car in driveway by Debby on November 11, 2006 @18:01

My tenant has an unregisterd car with no plates in the driveway. It is just sitting there and clooecting leaves and dirt.
It looks bad. I asked the tenant a few times already to please get the car out of there.
Today when I politely asled again, she said she has every right to keep the car there and will get rid of it in her own good time.

They pay on time every month. Should I just drop it?

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Re: Unregistered car in driveway by Mabes on November 11, 2006 @19:00 [ Reply ]
I'm no expert but, if the lease specifies about cleanliness of outside areas I would try that approach, especially if the car is an eyesore without leaves and dirt added. Does your local jurisdiction have any ordinance about untagged vehicles? You may want to ask the police or sheriff (but don't have them come to the location yet) if there are ordinaces that apply that may help... then wait a month or two and then call anonymously and have them act on the eyesore. Finally, you'll certainly want to amend the lease you will use for the next tenant, to include such things. Good luck.
Re: Unregistered car in driveway by Anonymous on November 11, 2006 @20:02 [ Reply ]
where i live you get a citation. even for having a basketball hoop out for too long.
Re: Unregistered car in driveway by Clyde W on November 11, 2006 @22:12 [ Reply ]
Good advice from the others. Definitely check local ordinances. There are rules against junk cars in the areas where I own property.

I have a clause in my lease regarding non-operative vehicles being prohibited. I even reserve the right to remove non-operative vehicles that are at the premises, but I've never actually had to resort to that. Of course your tenant's heap of junk may actually work, so not sure whether that would help you.

I also obtain vehicle info on my rental app, so that may be the way to go next time. I request the number of vehicles, make, model, color, year, license plate # (and state). The app. even asks whether the vehicle is insured and requests insurance agency along with policy #. Probably sounds like overkill, but in my state (IL) the law requires that vehicles be insured if they are on the road. I figure that if someone is too lax to get insurance for their cars, then I don't want their sorry butt living in one of my properties. Good luck.

Re: Unregistered car in driveway by MyPropertyMyRules on November 12, 2006 @03:48 [ Reply ]
Well, doesn't it depend on your agreement regarding the driveway?

I'm thinking if I allow the tenant to use the driveway, she CAN simply take the position that she owns the car and will register it "soon" or "shortly"...?

But then again, HER response was nasty and her statement that she "will get rid of it in her own good time", implies that it's junk and she's using the driveway for storage of junk or unwanted items.

That's why I don't even play that. My properties are in the suburbs and my tenants use street parking.

I use the driveway when I come over to clean and "stuff"...(to check out what's going on).

The driveways AND garages are mine. The backyards are gated and locked.

I rent apartments ONLY and I DO provide tables and chairs in the FRONT yard. That's it. They can take it or leave it cause I'm not going through all kinds of junk and garbage all in the driveways, garages and the yard.

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