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How much for holes? - Landlord Forum thread 136841

How much for holes? by Pat on February 9, 2007 @00:42

Just a poll to see if I am charging (or being charged) too much. I wouldn't charge tenants for these if they had been in a unit 2 yrs, since I'd anyways repaint then. (I do prorate the fees for how long they have lived there.) How much do you charge a tenant for holes in a plaster lathe wall? (not little finishing nail ones, but when there are multiple places per room where they have made 1/2" size or larger plaster holes that need to be patched & repainted). How many holes do you think are too many (vs. ordinary wear & tear)? What do you pay (a painter) to repaint a room? If they had been there 6 mos? If they had been in the unit 1 yr? I'd like to hear other's opinions.
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Re: How much for holes? by Jenilee on February 9, 2007 @03:00 [ Reply ]
IMO , holes besides nail holes are not considered normal wear and tear. For a door knob hole I charge $15 to patch $5 to repaint that area if I have any left over paint, the price of the bucket of paint if I dont. Then I charge to replace the door stopper (which I make sure all of my doors have, I had a tenant who's son liked to remove them). I charge $20 to repaint a wall (per wall). I do all of my own painting and patching .
Also there is a price list on this site.
Re: How much for holes? by Beverlye on February 9, 2007 @09:59 [ Reply ]
Wow, you guys are cheap. I wish I could find a painter who worked as cheaply as you do. When there is a "hole" in the wall, and mine are 3/4" sheetrock so they have to really be trying to make a hole when they do, my painter is called to patch and repaint. His average bill is usually $75 per hole because he has to make at least two trips to patch, let dry and then re-paint. I also charge for excessive nail holes. I talk to my tenants before they move in and tell them anything above a finish nail hole will be charged for. I have had tenants use huge nails and screws to hang pictures and they can't just make one hole they have to make 2-10 to get it right.
Good luck and don't be afraid to find good people to do the work for you and charge the tenant for it. I used to do all my own work and it not only cost me money but brain cells from burned out frustration as well.
Re: How much for holes? by OHlandlord on February 10, 2007 @22:41 [ Reply ]
I find those charges a little off too. Obviously, a contractor is going to charge more per hole than if you did it yourself (even if you can charge for your time). He's got to make more trips, you have to be there anyways to do other things. If the holes don't need to be reinforced, I charge $10 per hole, $15 if they need a backer board or mesh, $20 if I have to replace a section of drywall. For painting, it depends on if you need 2 coats or one. Charging them $10-15/hr. for painting is cheap for any painting contractor. And I agree w/ the other poster, any screw holes in plaster walls aren't wear & tear. Did you warn them that they can't just screw things into plaster like you can drywall? Plaster will crack right out around a screw.
Re: How much for holes? by Anonymous on July 28, 2016 @11:04 [ Reply ]
I no I owe if someone else put damages in wall can he keep my security deposit for the damages my landlord charge me 600$ for him patching up some holes in the wall and still collecting my are t every month

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