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How to write a 3-day notice for Parking violation. - Landlord Forum thread 143788

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How to write a 3-day notice for Parking violation. by Daniel (CA) on August 20, 2007 @18:06

I will begin posting scenarios I am faced with in order to find out how to write a 3-day notice for each case.

For example: I overheard at an apartment association meeting the following:

A tenant painted their apartment in violation of the lease.

If your 3-day notice makes them correct the issue within 3 days, then you are basically giving the tenant expo facto permission to paint the unit. Therefore, what should the 3 day notice say in this situation?

End example.

My Parking case:

Tenant B continuously parks her car over the line in violation of paragraph 7 of the rental agreement: “tenant must park in the assigned space only”.
This violation caused Tenant A to scratch her front bumper against the wall of the garage.
How do I write a 3 day notice for this to Tenant B since she has continued to park incorrectly.

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Re: How to write a 3-day notice for Parking violation. by RestlessKnight (NJ) on August 22, 2007 @03:04 [ Reply ]
I've received complaints about tenants infringing on others parking spaces also. I sent a memo to all tenants within the building and don't have the exact wording I used, but the points were:
1) Park in your lane and do not encroach upon the lane markers - vehicles doing so will be towed.
2) Improper parking should be courtesly reported to the offender directly. If approached about improper parking the situation should be handled amicably, immediately and not repeated.
3) I do not want to hear about improper parking.
4) If violations continue after trying to resolve directly than photos should be taken and reported.

I sent the memo about six months ago and haven't heard anything further. I didn't actually call out the culprit, but he must have paid a little more attention afterwards.

Re: How to write a 3-day notice for Parking violation. by Daniel (CA) on August 24, 2007 @15:33 [ Reply ]
I have 3 double space garages. So that’s 6 spaces. My situation is making me switch tenant parking spaces around; which has cost me $80 so far in moving the storage of the one elderly tenant that is being kind enough to switch with tenant B.

Who do I get to charge the $80 to? Should I send out a bill to Tenant B?

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