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Re: PO Box - Landlord Forum thread 145304

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Re: PO Box by Anonymous on September 24, 2007 @22:42

Sorry, but you folks that are so worried about tenants showing up at your door really need to do a much better job of screening. Screen out those nuts and you don't have that problem. For those that show up at your door because they locked themselves out, you should have put a lock out clause in the lease. If they lock themselves out and come to me to get in, they better bring $50. For those that show up to pay the rent after hours, put a lock box out front. I've never had a tenant bother me yet in almost 20 years.
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Re: PO Box by Anonymous on September 25, 2007 @14:32 [ Reply ]
I don't think it's an issue of being 'worried' or 'scared', it's more an issue of privacy. SOME of us may have tenants that call all hours of night- for the stupidest of reasons, what would keep them from just 'stopping by'?
And putting a box in front of my home for people to pay rent is a little rediculous, they can MAIL it as stated in their lease.
    Re: PO Box by Anonymous on September 25, 2007 @22:30 [ Reply ]
    If people call or stop by after hours, just let the machine pick up or don't answer the door. Simple. Or just tell the tenant point blank that they can only come by between x:xx a.m. and x:xx p.m. on XXX days. (Post a sign!) How hard is that? Heavens, you could have magazine or Kirby salemen stopping by unannounced too! Stand up to them as the boss in charge and you don't have these problems.
Re: PO Box by xxx on September 26, 2007 @10:18 [ Reply ]
i have over 200 tenants (plus their families), even with perfect screening a few will descend into mental illness or substance abuse, and potentially become a threat. Plus, many are inherited, and in this jurisdiction i cannot get rid of them

they don't need to know where i live, and i don't want to make it easy for them to find out

    Re: PO Box by Audrey (South Carolina) on September 26, 2007 @16:45 [ Reply ]
    Same here, my husband and I manage over 100 properties all over Myrtle Beach-we're always accessible to our tenants, by phone & email, but that doesn't mean we should open our home to them too.
    To each his own, but I like my privacy

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