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Section 8 rent increase - Landlord Forum thread 149238

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Section 8 rent increase by Gary (MD) on January 5, 2008 @07:09

I have a property in Maryland that has a Section 8 tenant. I went to raise the rent from $1000 to $1050. The Section 8 office denied the increase because they said they could not find any comps in the area that support the increase. I asked for their process on obtaining this info. They said they look in the newspaper for comps and couldn't find any. Any one have any advice on fighting this and getting the increase approved.
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Re: Section 8 rent increase by Rich (Pa) on January 5, 2008 @09:24 [ Reply ]
It helps if you have a reason for the increase. Such as a tax or insurance increase. Or rising utility costs. Provide proof of the increased cost to the Section 8 office.
Re: Section 8 rent increase by Anonymous on January 5, 2008 @11:25 [ Reply ]
The national agency for Section 8 will have more specific information about rent increase allowances. Obtain rental listings from the local realtors, preferably the national realtors. Then request to deal with a manager (not the supervisor over the Section 8 representative) to discuss the information obtained from the national office and the local realtors.
Re: Section 8 rent increase by Monica (Oh) on January 6, 2008 @12:15 [ Reply ]
Be glad that they didn't reduce your rent. That's what they do here if you ask for a rent increase, Believe me, I know. I am now down $125.00 a month on my only and last section-8 rental I will ever have.
Re: Section 8 rent increase by OHlandlord (OH) on January 6, 2008 @14:59 [ Reply ]
I learned several months ago that Section 8 was doing this. At a LL association meeting, a fellow LL told me that Section 8 would only pay her $358 on a 3 BD unit and $318 on a 2 BD unit, because of the gas prices. I couldn't pay my mortgage payments on that little rent. I'm glad I got rid of all my section 8ers last year and have been denying them since. Doesn't Section 8 realize that our heating prices are climbing too? My own oil bill for last month was over $600! I wouldn't provide any utilities when I did have Section 8ers, but those LLs who have leases that say they do provide heat are really hurting right now.
Re: This is what you should do by Anonymous on January 7, 2008 @11:03 [ Reply ]
This is a tactic of theirs. They also like to tie rent increases to the cost of living index (which will give a whopping 2.9% increase). Here's what you need to do:
1. Find out what census tract your property is in. Sec8 bases everything on the 4 digit tract number. Go to:

2. put in your address & it will show the census tract number. Then click 'Map It' & it will show your census area- this is the area where you must base your comp's. Print a copy of the map & keep on file.

3. Contact a Realtor & have them do a wildcard rental search for this map area- go back several years if necessary. You will be surprised how many rental comp's are in the MLS. I've been a realtor for 12 years & I had no idea!

4. Send the comp's to Sec8 as proof of comparable rents & fight for the increase.

Your odds are much better with this approach because it shows you know what you're doing & you'll have solid evidence to make your case.

Hope this helps!

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