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how to find ex-tenant - Landlord Forum thread 150097

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how to find ex-tenant by Anonymous (CA) on January 20, 2008 @00:23

My tenant just moved out. Without paying last month's rent, cleaning, and with some damage. She owes me about $650.

She did not leave a new address, nor did she file an new address with the USPS.

How can I find her?

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Re: how to find ex-tenant by PortlandLL (Maine) on January 20, 2008 @10:03 [ Reply ]
Do you know her cell phone number? How about where she works? References on her application?How about a MySpace page or Facebook? How old is she?
Re: how to find ex-tenant by Margaret (CO) on January 20, 2008 @10:14 [ Reply ]
You're one lucky landlord. You've lost only $650 plus cleaning. My ex-tenant owes me $11K for unpaid rent and vandalism, and I can't find the bastard either. Believe me, the people whom tenants mention on the application as references, in most cases won't tell you anything.

As I was advised, try to pull another credit report. If the tenant tried to open another credit line, or another account with utilities, it should show there with a current address. I haven't pulled the credit report yet, I will give him some more time (more rope to hang himself) and in about a month I will check his credit to see where he's at.

Good luck, and please - if you come up with some idea that pans out, keep us posted.

Re: how to find ex-tenant -- WHY BOTHER? by Landlord (NY) on January 20, 2008 @18:30 [ Reply ]
The original rental application should contain most, if not all, of the information needed to locate a former tenant. The social security number, credit report, employment, etc. Most tenants do not leave their place of employment. The unemployed tenant will inevitably return to a family member or a reference/friend for a helping hand.

The motor vehicles departments keeps records of registered license plates.
The USPS will provide an address if the forwarding address is requested on the envelope.
The current employer should have current record of an address for the Internal Revenue Service.

The issue is not about finding the tenant. The point is to collect from the tenant. In order to collect, the marshal, sheriff, or collection agency will do what is necessary to locate any individual, including the former tenant. Landlords should stick to land lording. Allow the marshal, sheriff, and collection agencies do their job and perform the service for you.

Re: how to find ex-tenant by Jen (Iowa) on January 21, 2008 @23:56 [ Reply ]
Call one of the people listed on her application such as a family member or friend and tell them your have a check to send her and don't have her address and could they give it to you. Sometimes works.

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