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Lies on rental application - Landlord Forum thread 151341

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Lies on rental application by Elena (MD) on February 15, 2008 @10:04

It is not the first time I have been lied to.
It seems that most of my previous tenants had a lie on their rental application that I discovered later on.

I see the LPA application says that the tenant swears under penalty of perjury that all of the above is true and correct.

My question is can a tenant be prosecuted for lying on a rental application in order to get accepted for the rental? Isn't that the same as fraud?

If so, would that help me evict the tenant?
Thank you in advance for your opinion!

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Re: Lies on rental application by PortlandLL (Maine) on February 15, 2008 @10:25 [ Reply ]
We need more specific info. I know that lying on an app is a valid reason to deny the application. How is it that you didn't find out about the lies before they signed the lease? Did you do a background and credit check?

I always look up their old addresses on the town assessors website to get the actual owners name to verify their payment history, eviction status, etc... A lot of people with a bad rental history will put down that they have been living with family or give a friend's phone number instead of the real landlord's. I like to make sure I've got the right info.

I doubt that you can prosecute them for lying on an app. No DA is going to take the time to do it. If they are forging checks to give you that is another story.

Re: Lies on rental application by ctlandlord (ct ) on February 15, 2008 @11:53 [ Reply ]
you are taking this too personally.
Just write down you criteria and screen accordingly.
Now I have a low income appt. EVERYONE HAS A STORY but I now ( after 4 years weed them out quickly.
It takes about 2 hours to call all the sources, look on the web sites but If notthen you spend more time at the court house evicting.
Re: Lies on rental application by Anonymous on February 15, 2008 @16:19 [ Reply ]
Prosecuted for lying on a rental application? Sorry, but I'd prefer our tax dollars be spent elsewhere than on prosecuting someone because they lied on an application.

SCREEN your tenants properly and you'll catch their lies before it is too late.

If your tenant is breaking the lease, evict them, you don't need to prove that they lied to start eviction.

Re: Lies on rental application by Jack Klein (NY) on February 15, 2008 @18:40 [ Reply ]
I am happy to know of more than one tenant who was arrested (and evicted from the property)for defrauding the landlord to gain access to the rental.

These are usually cases where the tenant blatently lied on the application about who they were, where they were employed, etc.

It is a crime to commit fraud. (That goes for bad checks too) And if you (above posters) were the defrauded landlord by a criminal tenant, you might like to know that a call to your DA can work wonders. You do need proof of the fraud to bring to the DA/Police.

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