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Cheapest way to change locks - Landlord Forum thread 152380

Cheapest way to change locks by Phillip (TX) on March 4, 2008 @13:12

Hi all, this is kind of a newbie question, but I've been in this business for 3 years so I'm not sure why I'm asking it...

What is the cheapest way to change door locks after a tenant has moved out?

1) Buy new door knobs and deadbolts at home depot and have someone install them?
2) Re-key all the current door knobs and deadbolts? (I presume I would have to hire someone to take them off and then re-install them after they're re-keyed).
3) Just change the dead bolts out and leave original door knobs in place?
4) Another cheaper method that I don't know about?


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Re: Cheapest way to change locks by Margaret (CO) on March 4, 2008 @13:27 [ Reply ]
You mean: you would actually HIRE SOMEONE to change a lock? Come on, all it takes is about 15 minutes and a screwdriver...
Re: Cheapest way to change locks by PortlandLL (Maine) on March 4, 2008 @13:27 [ Reply ]
Go to Lowes and buy the locksets for whatever you need (deadbolts, doorknob locks, whatever). They sell packs that have both the deadbolt and the doorknob for the same key. They are under 20 bucks for a set. All you need is a screwdriver and 10 minutes to change them yourself. It's not rocket science and it will save you 50-100 bucks for someone to come out and do it for you.

Also, you can rotate locks between apartments over the years when people move out (just make sure you have 2-3 spares to switch it up a little).

Re: Cheapest way to change locks by Anonymous on March 4, 2008 @13:30 [ Reply ]
Changing a lock is simple. Replace the current locks with new locks yourself by unscrewing the old lockset and setting the new lockset and secure the screws. Keep the old lockset and interchange doorknob sets and deadbolts between tenancies.

Electronic locks and keyless entry are another option. The tenant is not provided a key and the access code can be changed by the dominant access code (which is the LL's). The LL should keep the key for security.

Re: Cheapest way to change locks by Anonymous on March 4, 2008 @14:01 [ Reply ]
I just rotate the locks between units. Since my units are spaced out all over town, a lock that was used on the west side last year gets reused on the north or east side this year. Have a few extra to spare in case a set gets broken, or several people move out at once.

You don't need to hire anyone to do this. As long as you keep buying the same brand of lock, you don't even have to change out all the parts. With a lock of the same brand, you only have to remove the 2 screws beside the handle, pull the 2 handles out, insert the new handles and replace the screws. No need to even take the rest out since the handle has the lock. The same with the deadbolt. Just pick one brand of lock and keep buying that brand. Anyone can change the lock out in under 15 minutes. (All you need is a Phillips screwdriver.)

You really need to learn how to do this type of simple maintenance yourself. If you have to hire out every little task like this, you will never make money in this business.

Re: Cheapest way to change locks by ctlandlord (ct) on March 4, 2008 @14:15 [ Reply ]
i buy the same brand on ebay ,, for 30 %less than big box, just wait for some one looking to offload a lot of them ,Keep spares as they said but keep on ein your trunk, for the unannounced move in the middle of the night thing!j4dc
Re: Cheapest way to change locks by Rich (Pa) on March 4, 2008 @16:39 [ Reply ]
Dittos to the other comments. You can buy a replacement cylinder for a rim latch for about 5 bucks. Also, I polish the cylinders with a cloth wheel so the cylinder looks new.
Re: Cheapest way to change locks by LE (GA) on March 4, 2008 @17:12 [ Reply ]
Also, if you want a lock smith to do it, take the lock up to them. They will do it a lot cheaper than if they have to drive out to your house.

I had 3 locks rekeyed to the same key for $10 vs. $60-$70 if they came out to do it.

Re: Cheapest way to change locks by CA (HI) on March 5, 2008 @00:57 [ Reply ]

Not really cheap up-front, but very simple (possibly cheaper over long term). You install the knob and deadbolt. When it's time to change the locks, you just change out the cylinder with a "control key". You can get all your locks to match your one master key, while the tenant keys are specific to their own locks.

Re: Cheapest way to change locks by Richard (Ga.) on March 4, 2013 @09:58 [ Reply ]
If you do this often you may want to invest a few extra buks and replace the locks with the kwicset smart key. They run about $10 bucks more but all the locks can be keyed to 1 key for each rental and the lock dont have to come off the door to re-key. Just hold on to the keys from differant rents to change the locks when you want. Anyone can change the lock in seconds with the tool they sell with the lock, and the working key to the lock. Insert old key and turn to change pos. insert tool and remove key. Insert new key and turn back. your done.

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