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Pet Deposit, How Much - Landlord Forum thread 152476

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Pet Deposit, How Much by C Powe (Minnesota) on March 6, 2008 @16:54

I wanted to get some feedback from other LL's who do allow tenants to have pets but charge a seperate deposit.
How much is the deposit you charge? Is it refundable? Do you charge any other fee's associated with having a pet?

I have an apartment listed which allows "cats or small dogs with an additional $250 pet deposit"

I just want to know if I am out of line high or low. Was thinking of just charging $20 extra for rent instead of deposit. Not sure. Anyone doing it that way?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Pet Deposit, How Much by Property Manager in Illinois on March 6, 2008 @17:02 [ Reply ]
We have a deposit of $100 non refundable for cats. No dogs allowed. My son just rented a unit in LA, has a dog and paid $350 non refundable. I told him that was outragious. Ive done monthly add on's to rent for pets also. $25 seems the going rate. It is up to you.
Re: Pet Deposit, How Much by Anonymous on March 6, 2008 @17:29 [ Reply ]
I charge $100 non-refundable pet fee for a cat or a very small dog, $200 for a medium dog, and $300 for a large dog IN ADDITION TO an extra $25 per month pet rent for any animal inside the premises.
$250 non refundable by Lori (WA) on March 6, 2008 @22:11 [ Reply ]
I charge $250, non refundable. Although, if there isn't anything outside of normal wear and tear, I happily refund the money. It's been a nice surprise "gift" to outgoing tenants.
Be sure and have them sign a pet addendum to their MTM agreement; otherwise those puppies tend to multiply...
Re: Pet Deposit, How Much by Monica on March 7, 2008 @11:31 [ Reply ]
I charge a $300.00 non-refundable pet fee up front, and minimally $25.00/mo. The monthly pet fees I quote are based on breed and number of pets they disclose up front. My lease is clear, plus I read it loud and clear at each lease signing. The tenants understand the fees I quote them on move in are for the specific pets they have disclosed. If they bring any other pets into the home, my pet policy applies and will be enforced. $300.00 per pet non-refundable fee, plus $50.00 per pet per month. This does help some what to curb tenants from sneaking in pets.
Re: Pet Deposit, How Much by Anonymous on October 27, 2009 @18:59 [ Reply ]
I'm a renter ($750 per month House), my dog is outside and in a fence. I has to pay $750 pet deposit. My daughter had no were to keep her dog so I let him stay with my dog. Now, my landlord wants an additional $750 pet deposit for the other dog. Can she do this? This will be a total of $1500 pet deposit. My daughter tired taking the dog to other places, but, they were going to put the dog to sleep.
Re: Pet Deposit, How Much by Jessica (Ca) on November 18, 2009 @13:59 [ Reply ]
my landlord wants to charge me $1200.00 for a deposit, slightly outrageous?
Re: Pet Deposit, How Much by Mike (Colorado) on April 23, 2010 @10:51 [ Reply ]
A fried of ours does not charge pet deposit. Renters just trashed the house with their dogs. House will need new carpet due to dogs doing their thing all over inside the house. Yard is dug up in lots of places, and has exposed wire that must be fixed.

Total damage caused by dogs, about $4000

So, in my opinion none of the dog deposit numbers listed here are out of line. Risk to the homeowner from renter's pets is very high.

Re: Pet Deposit, How Much by jb (MD) on July 27, 2010 @16:16 [ Reply ]
I chared a $20 deposit in leiu of the $250 deposit.because the monthly fee does not have to be returned, and there is always some pet related damage left behind, also there is more cleaning necessary after having pets.
Re: Pet Deposit, How Much by Anonymous on July 27, 2010 @16:18 [ Reply ]
I chared a $20 deposit in leiu of the $250 deposit.because the monthly fee does not have to be returned, and there is always some pet related damage left behind, also there is more cleaning necessary after having pets.
Re: Pet Deposit, How Much by Anonymous on May 13, 2011 @10:35 [ Reply ]
To all landlords; charging a non-refundable deposit is down-right outrageous. If your tenant causes damage themselves or by their pet, there is this wonderful new system called the court of law to recoup losses. Most cases would result in an immediate judgment by any judge with obvious proof of pet damage. Plus you could then include court costs. This would take less time out of your day than dealing with irate tenants. Also, as a landlord, you have the right to make monthly inspections (within reason). If you really cared about the upkeep on the house/apartment that you lease, check up on the place once in a while. And if the pet is an outdoor pet, what's the point of a non-refund. deposit? If you're doing this, you're a money-hungry, greedy, piece of trash slum-lord. Also, there's is an exciting new trend going around - it's called home-owner's insurance. And they have clauses for damages caused by tenants. Pull your head out of your rear-ends. In this market - you should be thankful that your properties are being rented in the first place! Ignorant!
Re: Pet Deposit, How Much by Anonymous on September 13, 2011 @22:12 [ Reply ]
I would like to all the landlord's who are reading this forum to take the time to understand the situation from another perspective. I am a volunteer at the Humane Society in the town that I live. Because of the price of the Pet deposits I get phone calls all day every day from people trying to get rid of their animals because they either cannot afford the exorbitant pet deposit or the places they can afford the rent to won't accept pets. This has led to overcrowding. We have ceased taking in animals because we are completely full. Our strict policies at the shelter mandates that a person who is applying to adopt must live in a place that accepts animals, and we do call and verify with the landlords that pets are welcome. We respect and work with you but unfortunately it isn't a two way street. Whether you like it or not you are contributing to all the social issues surrounding pet ownership in a very significant way. This situation doesn't have to be this way.

Having been a renter as well as a landlord I can offer several suggestions to protect your property as well as be apart of the overall solution. First and foremost check rental references first to see if your would be tenants we responsible and took care of their other properties. Next ditch carpet in properties tile or laminate is better overall and in the long run cheaper too.

In rental agreements always require that they have renters insurance, responsible renters have that already knowing your homeowners won't cover their things. If they don't then they don't have common sense. As for pet deposits, set the deposit at around $200 for 2 pets $125 for one then give discounts off the deposit if the pet was adopted from a shelter. Shelters are glad to provide you with the adoption paperwork information, the byproduct is you will then be helping your area shelters and discourage them from purchasing pets. Give another discount if they are spayed or neutered or just require that they are before they rent your property. Most shelter dogs and cats already are spayed or neutered already. This will keep you from having rented to backyard breeders which is a scourge to shelter animals as well as landlords. Require that cats be de-clawed as well as spayed or neutered and be litter trained this will keep from any damage in that department. Ask for current Vet paperwork to see that they are current on the required shots and are on heart-worm preventative require they give copies every year. If they aren't it is a good indicator to their financial position if they provide basic care for the members of their own family you cannot expect they will spend any money for minor upkeep on your property. Also put in a disclaimer that any evidence of animal cruelty witnessed by the landlord or employees will be reported to the police as well as eviction, keeping all deposits etc. This will keep dog fighting rings from using your rental as a fighting pit, abandonment at the time of departure, mistreatment and malnourishment of animals, mentally ill hoarders from taking in stray after stray and again the backyard breeders. These situations will no doubt end in your property being trashed.

Rather than charging exorbitant deposits and extra rent simply take the renters to court you will have a comprehensive rental contract that they would have agreed to to back you up. Remember that not all owners will allow their pets to destroy things and it would be wrong to punish all for a few bad apples also you may lose folks who might have been good renters not to mention money.

As for the outside of your property if you are renting a home that has a yard include an expectation on yard maintenance in the agreement which besides mowing and watering, filling any holes dug in the yard with dirt and seed, that every three months they apply seven dust or any other comprehensive insect killer that you may specify (it takes care of fleas and ticks and other insects that kill yards, it's wonderful and it's inexpensive and require proof of receipt with the rent) the by product is that the dog or cat if confined to their yard won't infect your house with fleas and the pets don't suffer as well. If your an apartment owner just apply it on your grass yourself every three months and it will work just as well to keep fleas and ticks out of your units.

Lastly require that all pets have their collars with proper identification, license and rabies tags on at all times. Again pet licenses cost money every year as well as proving rabies vaccination. Again require that they give you copies of the documentation when the tags are renewed. If you require that the tenants be very responsible as pet parents you will be assured that they will take care of your property as well. All the rules will surely scare away the riff-raffsas well criminals and will provide you with all you need to know about how the animals will be in your house. Good pet parents will already have most of this taken care of.

In summation the thing that hurts the shelters is the money issue. Exorbitant deposits and extra rent only give people incentive to release their dogs and cats to be strays, dump them in already over crowded shelters or take them to be put to sleep. The put to sleep issue just breaks my heart given that it was a life that could have been spared if you understood what the consequences are.

My list might seem like a lot but the types of renters who you would be glad to have will be okay with this stuff and you as the landlord will be apart of the solution not the problem. Encourage your friends to do the same with their properties and slowly we can all do our part to turn this situation around.
Re: Pet Deposit, How Much by Anonymous on July 2, 2012 @20:25 [ Reply ]
I know this is an old thread, but i do have a question for some landlords. Maybe you can help? I paid $600 deposit for 2 dogs. He said it was non refundable, but if little to no damage is done, can that truely be non refundable? Plus, the house super old, like no insulation in the walls, window a/c units, ect, old. The floors had scratches and paint, and who knows what else when i moved in. I just want some honest answers; i dont mean to be rude or anything. thanks
ps i live in louisiana if that helps
Re: Pet Deposit, How Much by Anya (MN) on November 11, 2012 @20:40 [ Reply ]
Okaye, I am a renter. I love in an old building, double sheet rocked with mold between layers. Synthetic carpet worn down so badly that the little tufts of fabric are flat and resemble the underside of a rug or mat. My paint was not down, my carpets were not even vaccumed let alone shampooed when I moved in, all my appliances needed replacing and doors as well as vent covers are missing. I paid a 600$ security deposit and 450 rent with an additional 150 to pay the last month. I am housing a fixed, declawed cat that previously belonged to my recently deceased brother until I found a new home for the cat. The landlady wants to charge a 300$ pet deposit. Based on the fact that 1)I'm not keeping the animal 2)The animal wont do any damage, she;s lazy and sleeps all day and doesn't move except to get food or use her litterbox 3)The condition of the apartment any damage that wouldn't be done anyways..won't matter as carpet needs replacing etc as it is.
Other tenants in my building paid 250 deposit for their small dog and tenants across the hall with 3 dogs have not paid any deposit and tenants next door were requested 250 for their cat as well as 25 dollars pet rent. Is it just me or is the 300$ deposit asking too much?
Re: Pet Deposit, How Much by Marilyn Young (Kentucky) on January 18, 2013 @15:45 [ Reply ]
After reading my lease, there is nothing stipulating about no pets. I moved int his home 4 years ago and gave 2150 just to move in. My daughter brought home another dog <we now have 2> he was adopted from a shelter and is deaf. She was just here today demanding that I pay 700.00 extra deposit for this dog. I am really on a limited income and she knows this and I have fallen behind in my rent, but pay extra every week. The hot water heater went out and when I asked her today when the heater was being fixed, she stated dont even start on me about the heater you arebehiond in your rent. When i start figuring all i have paid to her seems like I should be caught up. She jumped me abotu my daughters boyfriend being here too much. I told her he doesnt live here and I feel like now you are invading my privacy........ i dont know what i can do about this situation .
Re: Pet Deposit, How Much by Landlord in Minnesota. (Minnesota) on September 19, 2013 @18:15 [ Reply ]
I Charge $300.00 Non-Refundable. Most damage, some don't damage much.
Pet owners are like moms and dads. Its just part of life that messes/accidents/damages happen and you cant avoid every incident every time. With that said, Moms and dads have to take their children to daycare and PAY way more every week to have them watched over while they are not home. Pet owners leave their pets unattended all the time inside the unit. MY Property. A property I still owe the bank for for the next 18 years. As a renter you tend to move around and do a little damage here and a little damage there and you do not see that if you stayed in one place long enough you will have trashed the place.

No, you move yet again into a place that has been freshly cleaned from top to bottom and you leave with dog/cat hair, dander, urine smells, maybe the pet got sick a couple of times. Water dish spills often cause damage, Cat hair is found on top of cabinets, inside cabinets, just everywhere. You do not see it, but you also don't seem to notice the large amount of it the or cat hair that is on the jacket you are wearing either.
Carpet cleaning alone is a minimum of $129.00 plus so much per sq. ft to remove urine smells. (they are also adding on a water dump charge and a fuel surcharge) Sometimes you cant see all the stains unless you pull up the carpet and look at the padding. Not easy! Sometimes we clean the carpets and you don't smell anything for several days or weeks when things stir up again or until it gets hot. (Usually just after you have returned any remaining deposit back to tenant). Then you have to replace the carpet even after having paid for having it cleaned.
YOU Tenants think, oh just replace it, its that easy, a few hundred bucks. (When the last time you bought carpet)? You do not stop to think what that entails. Its the pain of getting the old carpet ripped out, hauled out and disposed of. Then go shopping for new carpet, spend gas and time picking up, loading, unloading, hauling this into the house and THAN install it. The expenses can be enormous and tenants just do not realize this. They think the $300 pet deposit should cover this. This house was built in 1909. The woodwork alone is priceless. I once had a dog pee so much in one area that it ruined the hardwood altogether, hence the carpet. We put in Pergo floors and dogs manage to find a way to destroy that. Or people leave windows open and rainwater sits on the floor and causes damage. Tenants do no take care of homes as a homeowner would. Having rental property can be like running an adult daycare. Tenants also move around a lot, you cause a little damage here, a little damage there and you don't see what damage is done over time. It is impossible to replace everything tenants damage, especially woodwork/wood floors,and over time my property does not bring in the rents it should because it starts to look beat up. Most of the time, your regular deposit barely covers cleaning costs let alone any damages. Tenants almost always cause damage just moving your furniture in and out and you do not realize this or just don't care.
Pet owners are used to the smell of having pets, you don't smell it but non pet owners do. It is hard to convince some people that their unit has an odor and will be hard to show to future tenants. It is not easy to remove the smell of a cat or dog even after all of their belongs are removed.

Like I said, most damage, some don't damage much. As a landlord I simply cannot absorb all of the cost and headache involved for those who wish to be pet owners. I honestly do not now why I continue to allow pets. Its so much easier not to. I think $300 non refundable is a small price to pay for keeping a beloved pet. It is a one time charge and would be a pittance if you stayed there for several years. Chances are, even if you are a good tenant and a great pet owner, your dog/cat will do more damage than you will.
Re: Pet Deposit, How Much by Jaan (California) on October 10, 2013 @16:36 [ Reply ]
We rented to a family --2 adults and 2 small children. A few months into them being in the (BRAND NEW) house, they asked if they could have 'A" cat. My husband said yes. What we didn't know is that they had TWO cats. After being in the house 1 1/2 yrs (waiting for their own house to be built) they told me before moving out that there was a problem with the living room carpet---cat urine. I was sure this wasn't going to be a problem and called my carpet cleaners after they moved out. The carpet cleaners wouldn't even touch the carpet. You couldn't see the large area involved because of the very lose nap of the carpet and the several beige, coffee colors in the carpet itself. Well, come to find out, they left the litter box UNDER THE FRONT LIVING ROOM WINDOW---WHAT????? (bet they don't do that in THEIR house). The urine 'problem' went the entire width of the living room and in to the living room about 3 feet. The urine went through not just the carpet AND pad, but INTO the concrete! The smell was awful and nobody could help. I finally found out what to do---that section of carpet and pad had to be cut out and thrown out. Had to buy 'Odorcide" (can only find it online now and it's NOT cheap)---pour it over the entire concrete, cover it with plastic and let it sit 24 hour---and then repeat 2 more times. Luckily, the carpet from the master bath was put in to replace the yucky carpet...along with a new pad. But then we had to go out and replace the bath carpet with tile. The renters' deposit was $1500---the damage they had allowed took over 3 months to repair and cost more than $3500. I'm only telling this story as a BEWARE story. We have certainly learned our lesson.
Re: Pet Deposit, How Much by Anonymous on January 21, 2014 @19:08 [ Reply ]
is a apt the same as a trailer park I just buying trailers and renting them out and now found out that she wants 250.00 non return on this and 5.00 a mo. added to the lot rent from them and now my renters want to move out because of the pet deposit why is it so high when I own my trailer and I am just renting the ground and not their trailer do the deposit the same for this do you know
Re: Pet Deposit, How Much by Greg (Ga) on June 1, 2014 @17:50 [ Reply ]
We charge one full months rent fully refundable plus additional rent per each pet. We have had pets do more than double the rent price to a house. Yes even one <10lb cat cost us more than the whole deposit. Note: We do advertise no pets so these are people who have brought in pets with out permission. It is clearly stated in the lease upfront. If they dont like it they can leave, but they must pay rent until we find a new tenant. We are dealing with this now with a new tenant.
Re: Pet Deposit, How Much by Frankie (NC) on July 22, 2014 @17:48 [ Reply ]
A year ago I rented my home for the first time ever. I did allow a pet with a non-refundable $200 pet fee against my better judgement. (I had lived in the home 11 years and never had a pet) The tenant stated her pet was crate trained and when not in the crate was very laid back and house trained. The tenant is now moving out and as I am showing the place to perspective renters the smell is OVERWHELMING!! Not even sure that I can get the smell out. It is a turn off for those looking at the house. She also apparently gave the dog a bath in the expensive Jacuzzi tub. There is matted dog hair stuck in the drain and I'm worried about how much is in the jets. Urine stains on the carpeted stairs and damaged door frames where the dog chewed the frame AND the drywall. I haven't even completely searched the house for damage and I'm worried about what I will find. $200 is not going to cover the repairs. I love animals. I understand that they are great companions to many, but sadly I don't know that I can risk allowing another tenant to bring an animal in.(I am now reading that you should never charge a "deposit" for anything. Make sure it is stated as a Security Fee and this way it can be utilized even for unpaid rent in most states)
Re: Pet Deposit, How Much by william Waldron (WA) on November 30, 2016 @09:11 [ Reply ]
can a landlord charge #300.00 more on pet deposit if I paid the pet deposit 6 years ago $150.00 when I moved in? The landlord decided to change the rules. We live in a apartment that is owned by housing. We are not supposed to get the deposit back.
Re: Pet Deposit, How Much by Landlord (Florida) on January 4, 2017 @20:23 [ Reply ]
after a 4 years renting my house I'm starting to charge for pet, not a deposit but a monthy fee of $80.00. It may sounds high but in the last 3 years I being paying so much on AC repairs because they don't change the filter on time and the accumulation of pet hair and dust is crazy, and I had to replace the AC unit to a brand new one because it stop working. Now do you thing is far?

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