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Re: Didn't sign lease but paid security desposite. - Landlord Forum thread 152565

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Re: Didn't sign lease but paid security desposite. by Rich (Pa) on March 8, 2008 @07:51

If you did not sign a lease then you are automatically month to month tenants. 30 days notice to move is standard with month to month tenancies. But more importantly, the landlord took the property off the market based on your promise to rent the dwelling. Why do you expect to get that money back when the landlord may have turned qualified tenants away? If tenants are allowed to do this then there is no point to charging a deposit. Would you like it if the landlord rented to another person at the same time he rented to you, and when you show up to move in there is another person in the unit?
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Re: Didn't sign lease but paid security desposit. by jillian (pa) on March 8, 2008 @13:09 [ Reply ]
So if i am a month to month tenant then i get to give them 30 days notice when i am leaving, so after that 30 days notice would they have to give me the security deposit back? The LL didn't really take the property off the market, she told me herself that she has 50 other apartments that still have to be filled so therefore we really didn't cause her any problems with someone else wanting the apartment. I understand everything you are saying i am just wondering why they didn't make me sign the lease that said i wouldn't get the security deposit back, it seems like thats the smart thing to make people do. The LL also told us we would be getting are money back when we were moving out, well we are moving out so why can't we get our money back?

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