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How to make tenants pay late fees - Landlord Forum thread 153363

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How to make tenants pay late fees by Anonymous on March 26, 2008 @00:46

I am very happy with The LPA Lease. After reading it through I found that you guys have thought of just about everything to protect the landlord.
My biggest problem was collecting late fees from tenants who would NEVER pay them. The always send the rent late - NO late fee.

I noticed your recently updated version has the answer. I just apply the rent payment I receive to all the past due charges. Then the tenant will be responsibel to make up the balance of the current rent. My lawyer says that is the best way to do it leagally because you can evict for unpaid rent much easier than for past due late fees.

Thanks again LPA!!!

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Re: How to make tenants pay late fees by Monica on March 26, 2008 @11:18 [ Reply ]
I enforce the late fee the first time they are late, from that point on they know to pay it and they don't try to get away with it again. If tenants get away with it one time, they don't feel they have to pay late fee in the future and before you know it they will begin to pay their rent whenever they feel like it. Landlords have to set them straight right from the start. Every one of my late paying tenants pay their late fees without a problem. And if they are 8 days late, they get a 3 day notice that costs them an extra $50.00.

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