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window coverings - landlord obligations - Landlord Forum thread 155287

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window coverings - landlord obligations by Andrea (Florida) on May 7, 2008 @00:11

Need apartment has never had window coverings because of the beautiful view and my tenant is asking for coverings in the bedrooms. I understand she wants to cover the windows due to sunlight issues but neighbor issues is not really a problem. Blinds are too expensive. What are my obligations as a landlord - do I have to put window coverings? Can i put rods and tell the tenant to purchase drapes / curtains? and how would I word it? please advice I am in great need of good advice!!!!
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Re: window coverings - landlord obligations by Anonymous on May 7, 2008 @00:19 [ Reply ]
i put up inexpensive blinds, but as curtains are too subjective, i leave that up to the tenant
Re: window coverings - landlord obligations by Jack (NY) on May 7, 2008 @00:34 [ Reply ]
My LPA lease says window treatments are not included.
But the tenant is welcome to use what may be existing in the rental. The tenant is also welcome to use whatever window treatments they want as long as they leave anything permanently installed into the rental when they leave. Most people don't want to take used custom measured blinds with them anyway.
If they look cruddy when they move, I'll probably replace them myself. (But I don't have to. I just want the unit to look nice to new potential renters)
Re: window coverings - landlord obligations by Micah on May 7, 2008 @01:33 [ Reply ]
Be very careful if you have nice woodwork. My 110 yr old bullseye mouldings are riddled with holes from amateur blind installers...
Re: window coverings - landlord obligations by Gail (Georgia) on May 7, 2008 @08:29 [ Reply ]
I like to put up window coverings because of the previously mentioned problems; tenants messing up the job themselves, putting tons of holes in the woodwork or the walls, hanging sheets or (worse; I've seen this), BLACK garbage bags.

We'll purchase the bamboo shades at our local "big box" store (typically under $10 per shade), then follow with curtains (usually tab curtains) purchased from our friendly "General Dollar", "Family Dollar" or "Freds" stores. And I've made curtains out of sheets.

But no, you're not required to purchase window coverings. If you don't want to go the whole route, I'd suggest you provide the rods and she can purchase "the curtains/drapes that suit her taste" (with her own money).


Re: window coverings - landlord obligations by Anonymous on May 7, 2008 @11:02 [ Reply ]
Buy cheap vinyl mini-blinds ($4 each for an average sized window at Walmart), or get curtains at yard sales or thrift shops. I always leave window coverings up, if only to allow the place to look lived in from outside. Don't want to encourage copper theives to come in.

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