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Boy/Girl share a bedroom legal in Texas? - Landlord Forum thread 158951

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Boy/Girl share a bedroom legal in Texas? by Eryn (Texas) on July 20, 2008 @18:09


I live in a three bedroom rental house in Texas. I currently have a son aged 9 and a daughter age 8. They currently sleep in their own rooms. We just found out that we are expecting twins. I still have a year and a half left on my lease. I had planned to move the two older kids into the same room when the twins are born. I have been told by a friend that it isn't legal in Texas for the older two to room together because they are different sexes.

Is that true? They are so young I can't imagine that it would be. Could someone provide me with more information please?

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Re: Boy/Girl share a bedroom legal in Texas? by Jim on July 20, 2008 @18:14 [ Reply ]
Who Cares what the law is.....Aren't you tired of the state telling you how to raise your kids. You make the call
Re: Boy/Girl share a bedroom legal in Texas? by Gail K (Georgia) on July 20, 2008 @19:01 [ Reply ]
Rules for things like HUD (i.e., folks under Section 8) will often have such stipulations.

Unless your house goes under periodic inspections, who is going to know whether your son and daughter sleep in the same room?


Re: Boy/Girl share a bedroom legal in Texas? by Debbie on July 20, 2008 @19:33 [ Reply ]
Although I'm not in Texas but to be honest, there's too many gray areas, regardless of location.

I'm only going to speak to you, parent to parent.

As a parent of 4 & 6 years old (both girls), I do shelter my children (i.e. private school). I let them be themselves the way children should be without the negative environments such as verbal and sexual contents.

Unfortunately, I know of waaaaaay too many children, even at tender ages, they're not as sheltered. In other words, they know more about sex than they should be. Not to mention that curiosity is all too common in children.

IMHO, if my children were boy and girl, I would not allow them to sleep in the same room without supervision. It's for two simple reasons: 1) Curiosity can get them into trouble based on peer pressure and 2) I'd do whatever I can to avoid any potential trouble such as someone calling the Child and Family Service.

Like I said----too many gray areas. So the best you can do is to use your common sense and hope for the best.

Re: Boy/Girl share a bedroom legal in Texas? by Mass LL (MA) on July 20, 2008 @19:48 [ Reply ]
Ask your friend for the chapter and section numbers of the law. It'll be fun 'cause there is no such law.

search the web for "legal message board". A couple sites have had that question asked over the years and the answer was always a resounding NO.

Re: Boy/Girl share a bedroom legal in Texas? by Anonymous on July 20, 2008 @20:18 [ Reply ]
The perfect solution: Have the twins stay in the master bedroom with you-all. That way you can keep a close eye on the new babies!

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