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Two Cars Left after eviction - Landlord Forum thread 162230

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Two Cars Left after eviction by MT (MA) on September 11, 2008 @15:05

tenant has been evicted and left two cars in driveway(one with no plate-unregistered)What is my obligation regarding cars? Do I have to put them in storage?
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Re: Two Cars Left after eviction by Anonymous on September 11, 2008 @16:05 [ Reply ]
I see a blustery windy fall coming your way that just so happens to blow those two cars into the street and thus, will be towed away as abandoned. Hopefully, the local authorities will track down the owners and send them a towing bill....
Re: Two Cars Left after eviction by Anonymous on September 11, 2008 @16:48 [ Reply ]
please post again after you have taken care of this issue... I really want a followup on how this is handle, for I'm also in MA and want to know =]
Re: Two Cars Left after eviction by MA & NH LL on September 11, 2008 @19:58 [ Reply ]
You should ask police to run vin numbers to see if stolen. Do not role them into street. You could be liable. It is a criminal violation to place an uninsured unregistered car on a public way in MA. Was there a constable or deputy sheriff present at eviction? Was tenant's property moved to storage? If so, were the vehicles present then?
Re: Two Cars Left after eviction by Anonymous on September 12, 2008 @06:44 [ Reply ]
It does depend on State law. It's quite complicated in Michigan. I read up on it, but never followed through. If you want to keep the abandoned car, you need to follow abandoned property regulations much like those regulations from abandoned property from storage units, i.e. a public notice.

Now, an auto parked on private property (yours) can be towed per your desire. You may need to prove the auto was unauthorized to park. The police suggested to put a dated notice of parking violation and tow notice on windshield for a couple of days. The tow company says, ifs it's private property its up to owner. Around here they tow vehicles and place in their compound. They are familiar with laws for abandonment. Tow companies will make a couple hundred off these cars.

Once earned six hundred off an abandoned auto. Towed it home myself. Drained the liquids, advertised car parts on ebay, stripped off the aluminum parts for metal salvage. Then stripped doors, hood, and trunk to make it easier to handle. Tires had to be taken off rims. Then since had no title needed to take auto to metal recyclers....used my sawzall with an Emergency Auto and Fire blade (Menards), open the doors and sawed in hale approximately 20 minutes. The halves fit on trailer nicely and since it no longer was an auto no problem at metal recycler.

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