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removal of an unwanted tenant - not on least - Landlord Forum thread 164315

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removal of an unwanted tenant - not on least by Anonymous (FL) on October 21, 2008 @13:52

My tenant's 16 year old brother has moved into my house with his grandmother. He has anger issues ( he busted out all the windows of gmother's car over a phone and has also punched a hole in a closet door). He's only been there a few days. Do I serve 7 day notice and pray he doesn't do more damage ? She won't call the police but if he vandalizes my house can I call them ? The other tenants are moving out because of the situation so I need her to leave also. Thanks
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Re: removal of an unwanted tenant - not on least by Anonymous on October 21, 2008 @14:19 [ Reply ]
Research what your state mandates you serve to her to CURE OR QUIT. Im not familiar with FL law, but basically youre giving them X amount of days to resolve the problem (CURE) or move (QUIT) or the next step will be to legally remove them. This is your tenants problem, but sadly, its become yours as well.
Re: removal of an unwanted tenant - not on least by Daniel (CA) on October 21, 2008 @19:59 [ Reply ]
Are you living there as well? I think you may have some added rights and protections if this is a house sharing situation. If anyone is vandelizing or damaging your property call the police. But act as calm as possible so that the twirp doesnt run off.

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