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tenants in NY making phony HPD complaints - Landlord Forum thread 170785

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tenants in NY making phony HPD complaints by Anonymous on January 28, 2009 @23:05

After serving my non rent paying tenants with a notice to quit, the phony HPD calls started. They make complaints for no heat, no hot water and a leaky sink that was never brought to my attention. We live in a two family home with one boiler and one hot water heater. If they dont have heat and hot water, neither do we. And we have two infants so my home is always at 74 degrees. When I try to inspect and make any repairs, they dont cooperate. I even had a harrasment complaint filed against them because they were arguing with the police that came to try and let me in. How can I make the false complaints stop. They are piling up on the HPD website. My attny is filing petition to evict and recover losses in the amount equal to 5 months rent
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Re: tenants in NY making phony HPD complaints by Monica on January 29, 2009 @11:59 [ Reply ]
I don't know if you can make it stop, but I would have your attorney write a nice threatening letter concerning the harrassments,slander & liable. Also have a police report for harrassemnt made out and send to them. Until then, just keep your sights set on their eventual set out date.

I am sure their complaints make them look like disgruntled big fools and obviouse PITA tenant.

Re: tenants in NY making phony HPD complaints by D-bone (aka Debbie) (IL) on January 29, 2009 @12:49 [ Reply ]
Re: tenants in NY making phony HPD complaints by Anonymous (NY) on July 28, 2010 @14:01 [ Reply ]
I have had very similar experiences with NYCHA and HPD, although my situation is a bit more extreme. Here's a list of what I had happen to me: (a) Tenant breaks her door lock twice in 3 months and then complain to HPD;(b) Tenant broke into MY basement and connected a hose, flooding my front yard for 2 days! my water bill is now 1500.00; call the police and they never show; (c)Tenant breaks her OWN bathroom mirror - something I nevr use and they force me to replace it or else; (d) Tenant has now applied for a relocation voucher and as a result I receive no money until after she moves...but there's a catch; if there are "outstanding violations", I wouldn't get paid...and of course, I can take section 8 to court; (e) Tenant smokes inspite of the fact that I have NO SMOKING signs everywhere. I complain to section 8 and they said "that's not oour problem"; (f) I have requested an inspection over & over to seee what's happening but no one responds until the Tenant calls to complain. I have written to and talked to everyone under the sun (even the Mayor's office) and they all say "take her to court". Taking her to court and get what? why not remove your Tenant?
NYCHA /HPD and whomever else are putting NY Landlords out of business and it's a shame.

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