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propane bill - Landlord Forum thread 186865

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propane bill by Bobbi on September 11, 2009 @13:40

Have a question for you.

The propane bill is in my name but in the lease the tenants are responsible for paying the bill. They have run up $2,500.00 and stopped paying. Can I stop deliveries? The propane company wants to close the account and pull the tanks. That would leave them with no means of heat until they open an account in their own name.

Is that legal?


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Re: propane bill by Ultimate M-Bone on September 11, 2009 @14:08 [ Reply ]
You need to evict them. You can not shut off a utility legally.
Re: propane bill by Ultimate M-Bone on September 11, 2009 @14:12 [ Reply ]
Let me digress, as long as you have not been paying the bill and tenants paying you back, that's one thing. If tenant gets the bill and are suppose to pay directly to the company, you do not have to pay the bill. If it's company policy to stop deliveries and pull the tanks, they can do that, has nothing to do with you. Make sure that you are not schedualing the shut off.
Re: propane bill by Mr. Wong on September 12, 2009 @20:36 [ Reply ]
No way around it. You turn off heat you in big trouble.
Re: propane bill by Anonymous on September 13, 2009 @03:31 [ Reply ]
You know I dont get it.
Tenants dont pay landlord and it is a CRIME (that is right, in GA it is a crime anyway) to turn off utilities.
But, utility companies can turn them off for no payment.

Does not seem fair! Who is making these laws. I am not saying anyone should eat those cost, but if anyone could the utility COMPANY could easier than an INDIVIDUAL landlord. Plus, their collection stratigies are more likely to yeild results than an individual landlords as well.

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