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Re: What day do i turn on the heat? - Landlord Forum thread 188131

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Re: What day do i turn on the heat? by T-bone (PA) on September 28, 2009 @21:50

I wait until the LAST possible minute to turn on my own personal heat, but would probably turn on a tenant's heat a week or two earlier than I would my own. I am just too cheap to pay my own bill.

Only you know what the temps are in your area and how cold your house gets at night and in the AM. You'll just have to judge it. I would say, around here, around Oct. 1st.

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Re: What day do i turn on the heat? by Taylor on September 28, 2009 @22:03 [ Reply ]
i am the same. My heat stays off untill it is COLD inside during the night. I dont think the tenants will like that. I was just wondering if there was a legal date or low temp when the heat HAD to be turned on.
    Re: What day do i turn on the heat? by Micah on September 28, 2009 @22:27 [ Reply ]
    Some places have a stupid rule that a place must be at least 68 degrees in the winter. What I find funny is that most people want it colder than that in the summer... I keep my own apartment at 60 and have an electric oil filled heater for the bathroom/bedroom just in case I need it a little warmer in the morning.

    Just make it clear to your tenants that when the heat goes on the windows must get closed. This is the primary reason I keep my tenants on month 2 month agreements. If I see those windows open in the winter with the heat at 75 degrees they can either get a notice of increased rent or a notice to vacate. This is why I want to continue going green with my building. If I can attract people who are into conservation then I can expect lower bills for my units.

    Re: What day do i turn on the heat? by Anonymous on September 28, 2009 @23:05 [ Reply ]
    Some common sense might apply here.

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