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Evicting in the winter? - Landlord Forum thread 189973

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Evicting in the winter? by Gerald (Maine) on October 23, 2009 @19:42

I am in the process of evicting a tenant. I hear there are laws they say you canít evict a tenant during the winter time. Is that true?
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Re: Evicting in the winter? by Anonymous on October 23, 2009 @20:38 [ Reply ]
From what I found in a Tenants Right in Eviction Handbook specifically for your state:
Can I be evicted during the winter or if I have children?

Yes. Maine law allows your landlord to evict you at any time during the year and even if you have children. However, you cannot be evicted because you have children

Re: Evicting in the winter? by RestlessKnight (NJ) on October 24, 2009 @13:46 [ Reply ]
If you couldn't evict in the the winter then everyone would charge 33% higher rent in the spring, summer, fall with no-charge winters.
Re: Evicting in the winter? by Ed (MN) on October 25, 2009 @20:31 [ Reply ]
We can even evict on Christmas Eve in MN. No resrictions. Anyone who tells you that is blowing smoke.

The Utility companies cannot shut off power or gas between 10/15 and 4/15.

Anyone who is behind on utilities gets shut off on 10/15 by the Utility companies.

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