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Accepting DSS or Section 8 - Landlord Forum thread 192973

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Accepting DSS or Section 8 by Jennifer on December 11, 2009 @13:22

Five years ago I bought a duplex and inherited the Tenant's upstairs who had lived there many years. They moved out in July and for the first time ever I have had to search for a new tenant.

The search has been unsuccessful so far. Most of the people coming through have had severe arrest records, and current evictions for non-payment. I am an owner occupant who doesn't feel justified in putting a tenant in my home that will not pay me, or will destroy the property for what ever reason. Most of the arrest records consist of drug possession, harassment and assult. Those types of offenses are extremely scary for a single female just looking to pay the mortgage.

I have been considering accepting DSS or Section 8, but I am ignorant on both subjects and do not have any idea how either works. Does DSS or Section 8 screen the tenants, do periodic inspections of the tenants apartment for cleanliness and do they do direct pays to the landlord?

If anyone can shed some light on the subject, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

New York State

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Re: Accepting DSS or Section 8 by OK-LL on December 11, 2009 @13:45 [ Reply ]
Section 8's only requirement appears to be that someone hasn't perpetrated a violent crime in the past 3 years -- they referred someone to me on the program who had just been released from prison after serving a 5-year term for aggrievated A&B -- but he met their criteria, since he hadn't perp'ed in the 3 most recent years (while he was incarcerated!!!). So don't count on Sec. 8 to vet your tenants for you. Do complete background and credit checks and be sure they have enough collectible income to cover their portion of the rent (NOT SSI, child support, disability or other uncollectible income). Many folks on Section 8 also have jobs which are taken into account in the program -- those are the ones you want.
Re: Accepting DSS or Section 8 by Anonymous on December 11, 2009 @14:28 [ Reply ]
If you consider yourself ignorant about DSS or Section 8, get one for a tenant. They will give you a real education.
Re: Accepting DSS or Section 8 by Gail K (Georgia) on December 11, 2009 @14:38 [ Reply ]
Section 8 (at least in my neck of the woods) requires that the RENTAL UNIT be inspected initially before being approved to be in the section 8 program. Reinspection is done annually. How detailed this is seems to vary greatly among various housing departments and sections of the country.

A landlord would screen a potential section 8 tenant as they would any other (including credit, criminal history, etc). Section 8 determines "fair market value" rent for your unit (somethings most landlords would argue about), typically based on the number of bedrooms and you cannot accept extra money "under the table" from your tenant.

They also determine how much they will reimburse you for and how much the tenant is required to pay. Their share is typically handled through direct deposit; you are responsible for getting the additional rent from the tenant.

Landlords who deal with section 8 tenants will often have the smoothest experience with tenants who are employed (many are but do not make enough to live on without assistance). The "working poor" in this program are often easier to deal with than ones who are not employed.


Re: Accepting DSS or Section 8 by Blind college kid (CA OC) on December 13, 2009 @17:12 [ Reply ]
I am disabled and have been on section 8, I am currently renting a unit from a family member so I can provide unique perspective on both sides of the issue (LL&Tenant)

As a tenant; you are required to allow annual inspections of the unit,these serve 2 purposes; to protect the tenant from landlords who do not do repairs and to protect the landlord from tenants who would damage the property/move in more people

If a tenant does not comply with the annual inspection and reevaluation (submitting annual income/family composition) they can be dropped from the program quickly which leaves the landlord with a tenant they know cannot afford the unit

As a LL you list your properties as allowing section8 with the housing department. You then recieve potential tenants that you must screen as any other tenant. The guidelines for what rent amount is allowed for a given number of bedrooms is listed on the county housing website, in some cases they will allow the tenant to pay more if the tenant's income allows but it cannot exceed 30% of their income.

Each month your recieve a check from the state for the section 8 share of rent (they will prescribe this amount in advance) and you must collect the rest from your tenant. If you have issues with the tenant section 8 can help but it is ultimately your problem if they do not pay

I know people who have lived in the same rental for 20 years on section 8 so they can be a dream or a nightmare; screen them well!

Re: Accepting DSS or Section 8 by Jennifer on December 17, 2009 @12:46 [ Reply ]
Thank you for all of your comments. I will take them into consideration. I currently screen all applicants for criminal backgrounds and credit checks. So far no one has passed my criteria.
Re: Accepting DSS or Section 8 by Anonymous on June 4, 2012 @10:22 [ Reply ]
No periodic inspections but you are guaranteed a check every 1st of each month
Re: Accepting DSS or Section 8 by Anonymous on June 4, 2012 @10:23 [ Reply ]
No periodic inspections but you are guaranteed a check every 1st of each month
Re: Accepting DSS or Section 8 by David Santiago Sr (new york city) on December 8, 2013 @10:54 [ Reply ]
Hi jennifer please email me if you still have this place available ican give you all the info you need on this email..... thank
Re: Accepting DSS or Section 8 by Jessica riley (Yonkers new york) on June 11, 2016 @16:34 [ Reply ]
Hi how are you doing my name is Jessica Riley I'm looking for a 1 bed apartment for m in a need of one I got to lil boys its hard to fine one my rent is950 and I can pay the difference I just need help call 9143386033
Re: Accepting DSS or Section 8 by jennifer (ny) on December 16, 2016 @21:12 [ Reply ]
yes they screen and do fingerprints. im a single mother of 1 looking for housing and im on dss. im a great quiet and very clean person but yet to find anything. if you have anything please call or text (631)7903216

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