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ants prolbem-landlord's responsible??? - Landlord Forum thread 194992

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ants prolbem-landlord's responsible??? by Jennie (OH) on January 21, 2010 @19:21

Can any one let me know it is Landlord or tenant's responsible? Where can I find the law?
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Re: ants prolbem-landlord's responsible??? by Anonymous on January 21, 2010 @19:32 [ Reply ]
Go to Walmart and buy a can of spray. If you like where you live don't start this kind of whining.
Re: ants prolbem-landlord's responsible??? by Anonymous on January 21, 2010 @19:49 [ Reply ]
Tenant's responsibility.
Re: ants prolbem-landlord's responsible??? by CA (HI) on January 21, 2010 @21:32 [ Reply ]
I believe the landlord can only do so much. A landlord can't guarantee a tenant will never leave crumbs on the table, and the apartment will never get messy from tenants' belongings, and the pet food stored in airtight containers and sitting out in dishes all day. They can't control if you go to a friend's place or the movies and get fleas on your socks and carry them into your house, or ensure that you have checked all boxes and furniture for cockroach eggs.

It's impossible for a landlord to micro-manage every little part of the tenants life and make sure they never bring in cardboard boxes and give weekly inspections and control every little thing...THAT is the real part of pest control. And THAT is actually the tenant's job. The tenant needs to take responsibility for how they live. Sorry if this is a rant, but I just had this come up recently, and I'm not going to spend hundreds of dollars on professional pest services when the ants will be back in 2 weeks because the tenant leaves out pet food all day.

So there. Tenant's responsibility.

P.S. Try the little Terro trays, they kill within days, but if there is a food source they will be back.

Re: ants prolbem-landlord's responsible??? by flwrsndrt (OH) on January 21, 2010 @22:31 [ Reply ]
From what I've read on here and in my lease, if the ants were there when you moved in it is the landlords responsibility. but if you saw ants a while after you moved in they came because of you.
Re: Ant Problem -landlord's responsible??? by Cynthia on January 22, 2010 @08:40 [ Reply ]
In many cases the landlord IS responsible.
I noticed that the LPA LEASE has a PESTS clause for insects and other pest infestations and it is the tenant's responsibility. So I think it depends what your lease says.
Re: ants prolbem-landlord's responsible??? by xxx on January 22, 2010 @13:13 [ Reply ]
Re: ants prolbem-landlord's responsible??? by po'd tenant on September 29, 2011 @15:31 [ Reply ]
landlord ofcourde, especially in apartments. dont try to skirt the problem. if your s land lord with 1 tenant then wicked maybe you can say its dual responsibility. but if you manage a building with multiple suites and multiple separate tenants,it is your responsibility as land lord to deal with the problem. as it is not the tenants problem or responsibility to deal with other tenants or things outside their suite. for example if tenant a lives beside tenant b on the 10th floor of a building,and tenant b is messy and brings ants. it is in no way tenant a's responsibility if they get ants aswell. pharaoh ants can get into sealed cereal or crackers that havent been opened. so messy or not they can find food, stop skirting the issue to line your pocket and pay what u owe, ants are an issue that affects the entire building and therefor are landlords problem.

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