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moving furniture back - Landlord Forum thread 197430

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moving furniture back by Lorre Monhollen (GA) on February 25, 2010 @17:54

we moved furniture in the house we rented in GA. Ex: moved upstairs couch & table downstairs & downstairs furniture upstairs. Our landlords are out of state but work w/ an agent. Landlord mentioned in email security dep retuned w/in 30 days, once house is cleaned & All FURNISHINGS put back POSITION they were upon move in. No where in the lease does it state this, only furnishes have to be in same CONDITION. Can a landlord dictate we move furniture back?
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Re: moving furniture back by Anonymous on February 25, 2010 @19:16 [ Reply ]
simply stated, yes, move the furniture back into its original position and save everyone the hassle
Re: moving furniture back by Anonymous on February 25, 2010 @19:52 [ Reply ]
And expect to be charged for returning the furniture to its correct position. You didn't just move a small piece, you moved ROOMS full of large furniture, changing the purpose of the furnished rooms within the rental. (ie - The living room was no longer a living room, another room assumed this purpose, and the living room become what? A bedroom?) The LL has the right to have the house returned in the same condition as you received it, not rearranged as you saw fit.

There was probably a reason the rooms were arranged as they were (bedrooms must have emergency egress by code, the living room may have had more outlets or a larger breaker to handle all the electronics, etc.) Plus, if the furniture is all in different rooms, how would the LL know if any was missing until it is returned to place and inventoried? You should have done this before you moved out.

Re: moving furniture back by Anonymous on February 25, 2010 @20:56 [ Reply ]
What kind of a referral are you looking for your next landlord to get from your current landlord?

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