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smelly food cooking - Landlord Forum thread 197899

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smelly food cooking by DOUG on March 5, 2010 @17:25

Have a prospect but they are Indian. In the past we've had issues with the strong aroma of Indian food cooking disturbing the other tenants.

We have tenants of all race, creed, nationality so its not the people its the cooking aroma.

Its 2 guys so they might not cook at all. But is there a tactful and legal way to say "Keep the aromatic dishes to a minimum"?

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Re: smelly food cooking by Jake (Florida) on March 5, 2010 @17:54 [ Reply ]
Filipinos keep a kitchen outside for all the stinky stuff. Is there a place for them to set out a grill? You might build in a fee for getting the cooking odor out when they are gone to discourage stinky indoor cooking.
Re: smelly food cooking by Anonymous on March 6, 2010 @08:00 [ Reply ]
If a tenant's activity is sufficient enough to disturb the neighbors allowing for complaints then that is enough for a C&D order and eviction if they don't comply.

I'd frankly state that in the past there have been problems with "other tenants" cooking strong foods and so you must ask that no cooking strong enough to bother other tenants will be allowed.

It is not discrimination and there is no legal right to offend others with your ethnic traditions.

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