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Landlord Says He Will Not Renew Lease...... - Landlord Forum thread 199993

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Landlord Says He Will Not Renew Lease...... by Shirley (Connecticut) on April 9, 2010 @11:42

My fiance, and my 13-year-old daughter have been living in a very nice apartment on a lake in Marlborough, CT for 4 months. Things were going alright until last Friday night, a smart alec neighbor was drunk (this guy is drunk every night)and tried to push my fiance down a long flight of stiars on the porch of the building. The guy than said some nasty things to me, actually came after me and my fiance punched him in the face. No cops were called, so there were no reports filed or anything. The day after the incident the landlord came by to get our version of what happened. He told us the neighbor has a black eye. He went on to say that if there are any more incidents, like this one, we will have to move at the end of lease. Nothing else has happened since last Friday night, however, yesterday at about 5PM, the landlord came to my door saying he wanted to talk to me, and said that he wants my fiance out. He says my daughter & I can stay as long as we want but my fiance has to go as he can't have any more problems. He said if I don't get rid of my fiance than at the end of the lease we will all have to go. Legally, can the landlord refuse to renew the lease? I plan to look for a single-family house to rent anyways when the lease here is up, however, if I can't find anything in our price range I need to be able for us to stay here until we would find something. Thank You!
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Re: Landlord Says He Will Not Renew Lease...... by Anonymous on April 9, 2010 @11:57 [ Reply ]
To make it short, here is the bottom line. Get the "fiance" out now or all of you need to start packing. You are not staying beyond the end of the lease. You should hope that the landlord does not throw all of you out before then.
Re: Landlord Says He Will Not Renew Lease...... by Monipenny on April 9, 2010 @12:00 [ Reply ]
It sounds like there is more to the story than you are telling since your landlord sees you guys as the problem, not the smart alec drunk.

Yes your landlord can legally refuse to renew a lease, not only that but when the lease expires he can also give you a written notice to move.

Is your fiance on the lease? If so, the landlord can not make him leave (until the lease is up). If he's NOT on the lease, the landlord can give you a cure/quit notice to make him leave and evict you if you don't cure the lease violation if the lease has a clause referring to additional occupants. Landlord can and probably will give you notice to move when lease expires if your fiance is still there wether on the lease or not.

Re: Landlord Says He Will Not Renew Lease...... by Anonymous on April 9, 2010 @12:04 [ Reply ]
Not calling the cops was a first mistake if your fiance did not start the incident.

He's NOT on the lease either right? If he's not, the LL is actually lenient on you. He's asking you to get rid of him first otherwise, he won't renew your lease which he has a prerogative. You see, if your fiance is not on the lease, he can serve you a NOTICE to CURE the lease violation. What happens next is you will get evicted soon if you don't get rid of him. So if your LL is waiting for the end of the lease, then consider yourself lucky.

If you have no plans of getting rid of your fiance, start looking for a new apartment before your lease ends.

Re: Landlord Says He Will Not Renew Lease...... by xxx on April 9, 2010 @15:16 [ Reply ]
trouble with the owner, trouble with the neighbors, why do you still want to live there?

find a place where they want you and you are happy, it should not be difficult in this market

Re: Landlord Says He Will Not Renew Lease...... by 574-Brad (IN) on April 9, 2010 @21:04 [ Reply ]
How much money you have or do not have does not apply to this place. How your fiance treats you and your daughter does not matter either. How much the neighbor does or does not drink doesn't matter either.

What matters is that the LL owns the property, not you. If he wants you out your going to have to move. Sounds like the LL either has some other tie to the neighbor, or you are not telling the whole story and are a big part of the problem (If I had to guess, I'd guess the latter.)

Re: Landlord Says He Will Not Renew Lease...... by 574-Brad (IN) on April 9, 2010 @21:05 [ Reply ]
Give us your address and we will get a hold of your landlord and find out the REAL story
Re: Landlord Says He Will Not Renew Lease...... by P-Bone in WNY (NY) on April 10, 2010 @07:50 [ Reply ]
Simple answer. You are both on the lease and everything is good until that lease ends. Regardless of anything outside of blatent discrimination, no landlord "has" to renew anyone's lease. If they are no longer comfortable with the people in the unit, they can terminate the tenancy at the end of the lease regardless of how long you've been there or regardless of whether or not you can find another place that cheap. It might be in his best interest to not renew and find someone who will pay more per month if it is really that cheap and he is below market. Considering the problems, I would not renew either.
Re: Landlord Says He Will Not Renew Lease...... by Shirley (Connecticut) on April 10, 2010 @10:23 [ Reply ]
I think I may have said this in a post to someone else, but I just wanted to say that if my fiance's SS Disability comes thru *before* the lease is up, we will be looking for a place ASAP. His lawyer said it could take up to a year from when he filed, which was end of last October, but could be earlier. If we are able to leave before lease is up Jan 1st, why shouldn't we move? I want to live in peace in a single family home as that is what I was used to for 13 years! We did rent a single-family house for 7 months but fell behind with rent payments after job loss. When we were in both the rented house and the one I had owned we had absolutley no trouble AT ALL! Heck-my fiance would have his friends come over & they'd jam on their electric guitars for hours from say about 6PM 'til close to 11PM and noone said a word! We would blast the stereo on occasions, and no problems. I am a private person anyways and do not like apartment living at all.

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