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Renting home with flooded garage & basement - Landlord Forum thread 201042

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Renting home with flooded garage & basement by Kayla (Tennessee) on May 2, 2010 @11:48

I'm renting a home with my fiance. When we looked at the house, there was a few wet spots in the garage. The landlord said that the garage "hardly ever leaks, but if it does, it's only a few spots. Nothing major." For the past two days, it has been raining hard. My entire garage and basement is flooded. I was able to have a normal eating bowl almost completely submerged. I'm having to go down about every 15 minutes to open up my garage door to let the water run out. Now half of my basement is starting to flood. There's about a half inch of water on the basement floor.

My fiance called our landlord last night. He didnt respond, so he left him a voicemail. He never called back. Today, we both called him and left him a message, and he still hasnt responded. What can we do? I've already taken pictures and a video. He lied to us when he mentioned the leak. Am I still obligated to pay rent? Or am I able to pay some of the rent?

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Re: Renting home with flooded garage & basement by MassLL (MA) on May 2, 2010 @12:00 [ Reply ]
1st of all, you don't know that he lied to you. There's always a first (e.g. there were a lot of 1st times here in Mass this year due to unusually heavy rain).

Yes, you have to pay rent. Withholding rent can only be done for health and safety issues and only after you've told your LL in writing of the issue and x amount of time has passed. E.g. in Mass, a very protenant state, water in nonliving quarters would be a non-urgent repair and the LL would have 30 days to fix.

So write your LL and sent the letter with proof of delivery or even certified. I'd call him one more time and leave a message that you will be sending a letter Mon. if you don't hear from him today.

Re: Renting home with flooded garage & basement by Anonymous on May 2, 2010 @13:30 [ Reply ]
Isn't there MASSIVE Flooding in TN right now?? I would say lots of people are having trouble with flooding
Re: Renting home with flooded garage & basement by Anonymous on May 2, 2010 @15:29 [ Reply ]
You are kidding, right? Parts of Tennessee are under water right now.
Re: Renting home with flooded garage & basement by Anonymous on May 2, 2010 @18:07 [ Reply ]
You might want to call the health department and see what they think about it. There are also tenant unions in some cities that will help you.
Re: Renting home with flooded garage & basement by Anonymous on May 2, 2010 @20:23 [ Reply ]
We have had heavy rain for days straight in this area. Flood watches are up everywhere. They were predicting 3" of rain for today alone. This is not a normal storm nor will you have the normal conditions in the basement or garage. I saw a house float away today. This is an act of God. There is little anyone can do until it stops raining. Once it stops raining, then call the LL and he will see what can be done. Until then, sit it out like everyone else.
Re: Renting home with flooded garage & basement by Laura (PA) on May 3, 2010 @18:22 [ Reply ]
Like other's have said, there is MAJOR flooding right now in your area. The LL cannot control how much rain comes down. He is probably so busy right now, so don't take the fact that he has not returned your calls personally.....just do what you can until the rain starts to slow down, but PLEASE don't blame your landlord for the flooding issue. Did it ever occur to you that he may have been injured or something???? Take on some responsibility yourself......what would you be doing right now if this was a home you had purchased????? NOBODY can control Mother Nature----if we could then every house in the country would be bone dry, the electric would never go out, etc., etc. Not all problems are the LL's fault.
Re: Renting home with flooded garage & basement by 574-Brad (IN) on May 5, 2010 @02:26 [ Reply ]
Amazed at all the people saying "your area" is flooded. TN is 500 miles wide! She didn't say what part she was from. The entire state isn't flooded.

Definately not saying it's the LL's fault though.

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