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Re: Tenant destroyed property - Landlord Forum thread 202327

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Re: Tenant destroyed property by Floyd (AR) on May 31, 2010 @17:56

Did you get a previous landlord reference and conduct a credit and background check?
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Re: Tenant destroyed property by Dharma (NH) on May 31, 2010 @18:20 [ Reply ]
As I mentioned, I paid Century 21 to do the screening. I did get a credit report, and checked it out myself. The FICO score was fine. The former landlord report was harder--they were all Chinese and spoke only Mandarin. I asked Century 21 to do something to help with this--they were moving from Florida to New England. I called myself and put my daughter's college friend on, who speaks Mandarin, and I got someone stating that they paid their rent ant that they were good tenants (all this in Mandarin). They did pay their rent--they just totally destroyed the place. I did much more than Century 21 did for their $1500.00 fee. They are supposed to do all that, but when I wasn't satisfied, I went to the unusual position of getting a "translator". Also, I rented to them on Jan 1st and frankly, pickins were slim. Still, with a good FICO score, I am shocked at the level of destruction. They are oblivious to anything but their business. Thanks for your response.
    EngineerKyle... by OK-LL on May 31, 2010 @19:30 [ Reply ]
    are you reading this? Here's why you don't want to use a realtor to find a tenant.
    Re: Tenant destroyed property Attn: Engineer Kyle by Anonymous on May 31, 2010 @20:07 [ Reply ]
    You paid bloody $1,500.00 to Century 21 to get a non-english speaking, monster damage causing tenant in your condo? Boy did you get a good deal! There was a recent post that asked what should be done for a Spanish speaking tenant. Should we now ask for the LPA lease in Mandarin? How did this OP handle the lease? Did you have it translated for them? I be doggone if I will ever rent my place to non-english speaking/reading/writing tenants. And yes, I have had many such tenants inquire. I suspect they found a Hispanic landlord to rent from.
      Re: Tenant destroyed property Attn: Engineer Kyle by Dharma (NH) on May 31, 2010 @20:38 [ Reply ]
      Actually, their son, who is over 18, acted as their translator, making it quite possible that a judge would accept him as a valid person to give notice in writing, because they can not write english. You would not believe the lengths that the courts go to in order to avoid the appearance of prejudice. In the meantime, the tenant gets every benefit of the doubt, we get none. I have rented to Indian people before, to another Asian family, and now to these people. These were more a function of putting work ahead of other people's houses.

      I do appreciate your input and tomorrow I will be discussing this evening at a Continuing Legal Education Seminar. I would like to get clients more involved in their own situations before they need an attorney, and am trying to find the right group. I was a member here in the early to mid 2000's. I want to empower landlords but ONLY if they get non-judgmental advice from other, more seasoned landlords. No one needs their face rubbed in it. Thanks for all of your input and assistance. Yes, the case of Century 21 was unreal. THEY even filled out the move in condition form for the tenants, further complicating the case legally. It is, as they say, one for the textbooks.

Re: Tenant destroyed property by suzy harris (fl) on July 28, 2010 @18:01 [ Reply ]
I certainly did all the checks required -I have been a landlord for 10 years .
My last tenant destroyed my house -Using the excuse my Husband is in the military and I can do what ever I like (She overstayed her tennancy-destroyed my house and is now suing me in small claims for her deposit back )
Dont ever rent to Military this was my 1st and last time ever .It is people like this family who give military members a bad name.
She lied and told me she was in military housing previously -But I have since found her landlord who is coming to court as a witness -she destroyed his house too.
These dreadful tenants have to be stopped .
I have 7 wonderful tenants who really appreciate what a good landlord I am this one scammer has made me lose faith in human beings ..
Beware dont ever rent to military -They have protection!!

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