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landlord responsible for a tenants unpaid bills? - Landlord Forum thread 202448

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landlord responsible for a tenants unpaid bills? by Jobe (PA) on June 2, 2010 @05:45


We are trying to get the electric of a rental property turned on in our(owner) name. An old tenant has a bill in collections, The house has been empty for 3 years. The electric company says we, the owners, have to pay that bill before they will put a meter on the house.It was never in our name for that property.Is this legal? What are the landlords responsibilities in this matter?

If the previous tenant was a relative of the landlord, moved out and now we, the landlords, wishes to have the power turned back on in their personal name, the relative wants to move back now, is the landlord liable for the previous bill under these circumstances?
Thank you for any help.

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Re: landlord responsible for a tenants unpaid bills? by Gail K (GA) on June 2, 2010 @06:42 [ Reply ]
Utility companies are going to go after anyone they can to get the bills paid. Often this will be the owner of the property. This is especially true with utilities such as water/sewage as these tend to be local companies.

If the electric company won't budge, pay the bill and sue the previous tenant.


Re: landlord responsible for a tenants unpaid bills? by 574-Brad (IN) on June 5, 2010 @13:54 [ Reply ]
What Ed said about the public utilities is correct, however I believe state law differs on private utilities. Some states allow the utility companies to get away with this.

Who owns the electric company? Is it municipally owned? If so, you do have to pay. If not, you will have to check state law. The utility company may just trying to play hardball to get the bill paid

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