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Direct TV installation on roof - Landlord Forum thread 203779

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Direct TV installation on roof by Crystal (CA) on June 29, 2010 @02:28

My tenants just installed a Direct TV dish on the roof without my consent while there was a Direct TV dishe installed already on the side of the house (on the wood.) I want it off my roof because I don't want any water leakage through the holes. Can I do that? Can I have them to be responsible for the repair of the roof? Should I charge them now, or should I wait until they move out and deduct their deposit? They just moved in last month.
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Re: Direct TV installation on roof by Jay (Oklahoma) on June 29, 2010 @07:53 [ Reply ]
In my area the installers are required to have a letter of consent from the property owner to install. I would contact Direct TV for your claim
Re: Direct TV installation on roof by Ed (MN) on June 29, 2010 @08:04 [ Reply ]
Normally the dishes do not cause an issue. If the dish removed, then you will have leaks.
Re: Direct TV installation on roof by OK-LL on June 29, 2010 @08:54 [ Reply ]
I'd have it removed now and collect from tenant now for repair cost of any shingle damage. Don't wait and take it from the SD because who knows what kind of damage they'll do in the next 11 motnhs -- you may need every dime at move-out!

Does your lease include language that satellite dishes are okay but must be installed per LL instructions (on pole or concrete-filled bucket in backyard)? If not, it should; that way you remember to go over this issue with tenant when signing up.

Re: Direct TV installation on roof by LL (CA) on June 29, 2010 @12:28 [ Reply ]
My absolute bugbear! I now have in my lease a whole paragraph about satellite dish installation or cable tv installation in my rentals.

A few years back I had a female tenant sign a document from the satellite tv company in which she represented herself as the owner of the property. The installers then when and ripped down all my existing cabling, drilled new holes through the exterior of the house (even though there were holes where they ripped out the other cabling), slung cables across the roof (against code). They even left their garbage, including coke cans, lying around the yard. She got charged the cost of replacing all the cabling, fixing holes and painting, etc. etc. She wasn't happy. I told her to sue the installers since they did the damage and my contract was with her and her contract said she couldn't change anything in the house without my written permission. The installers told her to get lost because she signed a paper saying she was the owner of the house and gave them permission to make changes.

Get things fixed and bill them. If they don't pay up, give them three day notice.

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