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tenant harassing other tenants - Landlord Forum thread 206700

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tenant harassing other tenants by Larry (Rhode Island) on August 17, 2010 @20:44

These tenants have been a headache since day one, but they pay very well. There has been a few problems between them and the other tenants-allegations of stolen UPS boxes, noise. There was a police report filed a couple months ago. I thought things had calmed down, but they flared up tonight. The female tenant was pounding on the door of another tenant and screaming at her. The police were again called.

I am kicking them out ASAP, and have 2 questions.

1. I would love to get them out immediately, but I assume I must use the typical 30termination notice. Is there any "fast track" considering the circumstances?
2. If I do have to go with the standard 30 day, does it have to coincide with their monthly rent date. IE do I have to give them to the end of September to leave, or can I make it exactly 30 days from tomorrow?


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Re: tenant harassing other tenants by Eric (MN) on August 17, 2010 @22:24 [ Reply ]
If there was a crime committed, you would be able to evict immediately. If it's just police reports, and no convictions, a 30-day notice would be what is needed. It depends on your lease.

You may have had a chance to evict a couple of month ago, but now you will need a new police report. Failure to take action constitutes permission.

You might even be stuck with them for the entire lease period.

30 days would normally be 9/30 at this point.

Re: tenant harassing other tenants by OK-LL on August 18, 2010 @00:35 [ Reply ]
Googled RI LL/T law and found information indicating RI is a literal state in regard to M2M or greater tenancies. Therefore, you can give notice (must be postmarked MORE than 30 days prior to the termination date stated in the notice) tomorrow and the termination date can be 31 days from tomorrow, assuming you mail the notice tomorrow.

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