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Stealing electricity - Landlord Forum thread 207626

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Stealing electricity by Jerry on August 30, 2010 @14:58

I own a side by side home with each tenant having their own basement. A couple of month ago the power was shut off in one unit for non payment. During that time the tenant who was cut off somehow changed th power so he could use the neighbors. The other tenant wants me to hire an electrician to see if this is still the case. I told them I would do this and if nothing is found out of order they pay the electrician. They don't think that is fair. I told them they have no evidence other than some workman telling them that is true. What shall I do
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Re: Stealing electricity by Rob (Ohio) on August 30, 2010 @15:24 [ Reply ]
Tell the electric company that you think somebody is stealing power, they will check it out.
Re: Stealing electricity by Anonymous on August 30, 2010 @15:47 [ Reply ]
How do the neighbor tenants know that the non-paying tenants are getting free power? Has their bill gone up? Is their meter spinning all the time? The power company takes stealing their power very seriously. Let the neighbor tenants call the power company and alledge the power is being stolen. This is not your issue. Do not hire an electrician based on some unfounded alleagation by the tenant or some workman. What proof do they have? The proper procedure is for the tenant to notify the power company. Why is this your issue?
Re: Stealing electricity by Jake on August 30, 2010 @15:58 [ Reply ]
It is to your advantage to confirm that there is not an illegal hookup. This type of usage represents a fire hazard. The tenant is right to ask you to confirm it. Because one tenant has illegally used electricity before you could call the electric company and tell them you believe it may be happening again and would like someone to come see. Ask if there will be a charge for it. If there is a charge, pay it and inform the complainant that the next check will be at his cost. Again, you have a stake in knowing too.
Re: Stealing electricity by Eric (MN) on August 30, 2010 @16:20 [ Reply ]
Call the power company directly. See if both units have the power turned on.

If both have power, odds are, no one is stealing electricty.

If only one has power, odds are, someone is stealing power.

Or wait until evening. See lights in both sides. Then flip main breaker in the unit that thinks power is being stolen. If both units go off, they are stealing power.

I would have evicted the power stealers anyway. Why are they still there?

Re: Stealing electricity by Teena (IL) on August 30, 2010 @16:43 [ Reply ]
As the others have said call the power company and tell them.You don't need to pay an electrician for that.
Figures, tenants aren't the smartest bunch....(they're suggestion)
Re: Stealing electricity by Rob (Ohio) on August 31, 2010 @10:41 [ Reply ]
Flipping the main breakers off may or may not tell if someone is stealing power. They can tap ahead of the main breaker. Call the electric Company.
Re: Stealing electricity by Anon (Ohio) on September 1, 2010 @02:05 [ Reply ]
Stay out of it. Let the tenant who thinks he is being ripped off call the electric company and hire the electrician. The only thing I would do is be available with the key if the box is behind a locked door. The tenant being ripped off can probably provide the access with their key.

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