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tenant harassing other tenants-cont - Landlord Forum thread 207661

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tenant harassing other tenants-cont by Larry (RI) on August 31, 2010 @00:46

This is a continuation of my problem a couple weeks ago with a tenant harassing/threatening 2 other tenants in a 3 family. I was advised here and by my lawyers that i could only send a 30 day notice- which I did- and have them out Oct 1.

The day they received the letter, the police were called on them 4 times. The woman was arrested for disorderly and obstruction of justice according to the other tenants.

Is there anything I can do now that an arrest has been made? The woman is continually threatening and harassign the other tenants, and they are NOT happy. I would like to somehow remedy this faster than having to wait another month, IDK if that is possible? It seems absolutely ridiculous to me that you cannot fast track an eviction when there is the potential for physical harm to others, as well as my property- by this tenant.

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Re: tenant harassing other tenants-cont by Teena (IL) on August 31, 2010 @02:34 [ Reply ]
Hi Larry,
I agree with you,there should be some type of exception in this situation but I don't think there is,or I'm not aware of one.
Other LL's may know differently.
The tenants that are being harrassed should get restraining orders on this woman,call the police every time she violates it,she'll sit in jail more than not if she's as loony as it sounds because the cops will get tired of dealing with her over and over.
A LL I know had a tenant who acted up like that,she eventually was put away for 60 days cuz drug paraphenalia was found on her(crack pipe).
And was this woman LOUD!!
What's with that,do they think the louder they holler the more 'right' it makes them?
Re: tenant harassing other tenants-cont by Eric (MN) on August 31, 2010 @08:04 [ Reply ]
I once had my tenant in a duplex file a harassment restraining order (HRO) against the people downstairs.

At the HRO hearing, both mouthed off, both went to jail for the night.

And yes, these were both Section 8 tenants, which I do not take anymore.

Re: tenant harassing other tenants-cont by OK-LL on August 31, 2010 @09:01 [ Reply ]
Have you served a cure/quit notice for the violations (quiet enjoyment, etc.)? The notice period is usually shorter than the notice to terminate. For instance, here it is 10 days. Then you can go directly to eviction if they don't change their actions. Don't kid yourself that they are going to move out Sept. 30.
Harrasment of Tenant by Shawn (wISCONSIN) on June 21, 2012 @17:49 [ Reply ]
I need massive help. The tenant that lives above me is making false complaints to the landlord and at the same time stumping across the floor and starting arguments for no reason at all, she is doing evil things and the Landlord is not doing anything about it. How can I prove that these things she say is false and that she is causing trouble. We were scheduled for a Mediation meeting but she declined and she was told not to continue smoking pot but she still does, we have made a report to the police but this landlord is saying that she could take her to court! Any advice.

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