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60-Day Notice and 3-Day Pay or Quit - Landlord Forum thread 208244

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60-Day Notice and 3-Day Pay or Quit by Anonymous (CA) on September 8, 2010 @15:07

So, I served my tenant a 60-day notice (we're in CA and she's lived here longer than a year) and realize she hasn't paid all her rent for the year she was here. She got behind and was making it up here and there, but somehow I figured things out wrong. I would like to get her out sooner and the 60-day notice was just filed. Can I serve the 3-day notice on top of the 60-day notice? I don't want to say that it supercedes all other notices because then if she makes the payment, I'd have to start over again with the 60-day notice. Also, I don't think I can add late fees to the 3-day notice, but just checking to make sure.
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Re: 60-Day Notice and 3-Day Pay or Quit by Melanie (CA) on September 8, 2010 @15:52 [ Reply ]
I guess im confused. Are you saying that during the year, on more than one occasion, she shorted the rent and you didnt pursue it? IF thats the case, theres a strong case that because you didnt pursue it at the time, you set a precedent that it was OK with you. IF shes late with September (and as today is the 8th, i would sure hope your lease treats it as late) issue a pay or quit for September only. And NO - never include late fees on the pay or quit. Yes, you can do both of these simultaneously. Most likely, the pay or quit will light a fire under her, she will pay FULL rent and if need be,thankfully in CA, booting someone for delinquent rent is fairly simple. If she DOES pay, the 60 day notice is still in effect - one notice has nothing to do with the other

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