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Installation of Satellite Dish - Landlord Forum thread 208703

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Installation of Satellite Dish by Denise Johnson (Colorado) on September 13, 2010 @20:22

I had a tenant that installed a satellite dish onto the back of my house without my written consent. I had James Hardie siding installed about two years ago. I have called the siding company but they are saying that the job is too small for them and that I should find a local company that sell their product. It is now become a hassle because the companies they suggested I call only sell their product and they do not do any reparis. I also found out that it was illegally installed. There are wires all over the place. The house is pre-cable ready. I had in the lease that the property should not be altered in any way. I do not want to refund her security deposit. Can I keep it all for violation of the lease?
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Re: Installation of Satellite Dish by Anna Mouse on September 13, 2010 @20:59 [ Reply ]
You can't just keep the deposit. What you need to do is buy the material, save the receipt and charge her deposit for that. Then hire someone to make the repair and charge her for that.
Re: Installation of Satellite Dish by Paul (IL) on September 13, 2010 @21:58 [ Reply ]
The legal problem you have is not with the tenant but the Satellite company. Essentially, you can sue for damages but cant withhold tenants security because of the damage the satellite company did.

I also belive that it is now law that ANY tenant can install satellite/cable TV, which is why most companies require a written consent form from the landlord.


Re: Installation of Satellite Dish by Eric (MN) on September 13, 2010 @22:18 [ Reply ]
Without seeing the siding, I suspect all you have to do is fill the holes. A motar mix will do it. You can get that in a caulking tube.

Since the dish is already there, leave it so the next tenant can use the same mount. That will save you trouble when the next tenant needs a dish.

Re: Installation of Satellite Dish by LL (CA) on September 14, 2010 @18:10 [ Reply ]
If you lease says no modifications with your approval you absolutely CAN keep monies from the security deposit to cover the cost of repairing the damage. Yes, tenants are allowed to install satellite tv, however, they cannot cause damage to your property in doing so. Repair whatever damage was done and deduct it from the security deposit.

Your contract is with the tenant, not the satellite company. If the tenant believes the satellite company did something wrong, they need to take it up with the satellite company.

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