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Promise to Pay Form - Landlord Forum thread 217317

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Promise to Pay Form by cc (California) on February 7, 2011 @18:09

My tenant has promised to pay me for the month of Feb when his unemployment check comes in. He's vacating on the 17th of February because he lost his job and can no longer afford rent, and said that if he doesn't get his check by the 17th, he'll still pay me. ok? So I'm crossing my fingers that he does, however, I was wondering if there is a say that I can get him to sign something like a PROMISE TO PAY the month of February as he stated. He's always been responsible and has kept his word, but I was just wondering if there is something I can get him to sign aside from serving him with the 3-days to pay or quit? Thanks!
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Re: Promise to Pay Form by Eric (MN) on February 7, 2011 @18:31 [ Reply ]
You can just use a Promisary Note, but you already have a lease. If he is vacating on the 17th of Feburary, you do not need a 3-day pay or quit, as he has already said he is moving on the 17th.

It will not be faster if you serve notice. It will not help your collection matters. It will not help the unit rent faster. It will only be more time and money out of your pocket. If he does not leave, that's a different story.

You should have enough of a deposit to cover the February rent anyway. If not, your bad. Now if your time to make sure he leaves the place spotless, as he has the time to do it and you are working with him.

Be thankful he is leaving voluntarily and not staying as long as he can, getting an attorney to fight you, and makeing your life hell for a while.

Re: Promise to Pay Form by Melanie (CA) on February 8, 2011 @12:26 [ Reply ]
Most people here know that im cynical and your post has me thinking along those lines again. When it comes to late rent and tenants telling me theyre leaving, yeah, i tend not to believe them. Two things can happen - 1) he wont leave - why should he, when he can string you along, saying manana manana ill pay you the rent and never does, in the meantime youve wasted a LOT of time. Or 2) youll never see a dime cuz he needs that unemployment check for moving expenses. Regardless of a promise to pay, he has no job and soon, will have no place to stay. The sooner you put off creating and posting the 3 day pay or quit, the better off youll be. Get a tenant in there that CAN pay the rent and not someone that is sliding down a slippery slope. Today is the 11th - if you posted the notice today, he has to respond by Friday. If he does pay, great, rescind the notice. If he doesnt, youre at the courthouse on the 18th, the day after he said he was leaving and the day after he gets his unemployment check.

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