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renting to family - Landlord Forum thread 219098

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renting to family by Anonymous on March 10, 2011 @13:32

Due to the economy, I let my wife's sister move in to our rental home with no first and last, no security deposit ( I know, Ouch!). She is 2 months behind in rent ands says she'll be caught up in May.
After she has gotten caught up, can I have her sign a rental agreement and ask for a security deposit?
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Re: renting to family by Anonymous (Ca) on March 10, 2011 @13:38 [ Reply ]
The above question is from California
Re: renting to family by Eric (MN) on March 10, 2011 @14:16 [ Reply ]
You assume she will get caught up. Good luck with that. You can have her sign a rental agreement now, without any money. But you have discovered the pitfalls of renting to family. It's harder to evict family.

Have her set up a payment plan now to come current on rent and current on the SD. If she will get caught up in May, does she have a windfall coming? Otherwise if she is paying slow but sure, she must have a written plan. If she does not have income at least 3x the rent, she will never get caught up.

If she is two months behind, you should be getting something, even $100 a month, to help. Not paying anything is a signal they will never pay, and she really does not think she should.

Maybe your wife will just loan her sister the money, and you will be all set.

Re: renting to family by EM (TX) on March 10, 2011 @14:17 [ Reply ]
You have muchas problemas. At this point you're running a charity, not a rental property. Has she ever paid you even one dime of rent? I understand cutting family a break, but she needs to give you at least partial payment.

Nothing prevents you from obtaining a written lease and a security deposit. But your big problem is that you have a non-paying family member tenant. Are you prepared to evict her? How bad will you let it get before you do so? You better get a plan. (And you probably better clear that plan with your wife!) Good luck, you'll need it.

Re: renting to family by Jake on March 10, 2011 @14:26 [ Reply ]
Really, here are your options. Move the sister out or furnish her free rent. All relatives get to the point where they stop paying. You need to cut your losses now. I know you do not want to cause family problems. But, your sister does not feel the same way. She started causing family problems the moment she stopped paying in full and on time. Good luck with her getting caught up and never getting behind again. Remember, you are not running a homeless shelter.
Re: renting to family by OK-LL on March 10, 2011 @22:31 [ Reply ]
Alright, so say she gets whatever windfall she's hoping for in May and actually gets caught up on the rent. I hope you know when and what the next windfall will be -- sounds like she can't afford to pay rent on her regular income. Just get her out and find someone with a real job.
Re: renting to family by Jim I (MI) on March 11, 2011 @13:12 [ Reply ]
NEVER rent to friends or family. Even if it sours your will be more sour if you evict them, and odds are you will have to.


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