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Tenant keeps using basement as bedrms - Landlord Forum thread 220000

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Tenant keeps using basement as bedrms by jezz (ny) on March 23, 2011 @18:31

Need some help, and hoping you can give it...I have tenants for 4yrs and recently went to inspect the house and there are 2 bedrooms in basement (unauthorized) and they had put padlocks on them but I took the locks off and find the bdrms. So next I removed the doors and explained to the tenant that there is no living space in basement.Did I violate there rights? and what do I do to keep them from doingg it again? If they are month to month can I now restrict the basement?TIA
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Re: Tenant keeps using basement as bedrms by Eric (MN) on March 23, 2011 @18:52 [ Reply ]
You violated their rights by removing locks and doors. If you do not want them living there, terminate the lease. You can lock out the basement, but who cares as long as there is no extra occupants there.

It's not your job to keep people from sleeping in the basement. If someone dies, it's not your fault.

Best consider this stuff too by Anonymous on March 23, 2011 @21:05 [ Reply ]
If they are doing M2M, it might be a perfect time to update your rental agreement and include something about the basement is to be only used for (whatever) and not to be used as a bedroom or sleeping quarters (etc--guess you'll have to be specific). Rooms are to be used for the purpose for which they were intended etc, like the bathroom is the bathroom and not the kitchen--you know what I mean

Just about any room can be turned into a bedroom if someone wants to flop down on the couch and keep their clothes in a pile in the corner, or if someone wants to put an air mattress in the laundry room and have a box for their clothing etc.

You should also put something in your rental agreement about your having access to all rooms for emergency situations with proper notice, and access to the property and all parts of the property with proper notice, access including but not limited to basement and attic and garage and your having a copy of all keys for all doors to the domicile and extra areas such as attic and basement and garage.

Re: Tenant keeps using basement as bedrms by Bryan (Ia) on March 23, 2011 @23:44 [ Reply ]
My lease specifically excludes the basement. It is not to be used for any purpose except for emergency storm sheter.
Re: Tenant keeps using basement as bedrms by Dizzy (Wonderland) on March 24, 2011 @10:09 [ Reply ]
Get them out!
Next time you show up (unless of course they all burn in a fire set by candles used for heat) there could be a family of six or seven in each and every room with bunk beds from one end of the place to the other - hot plates in the hallways or livingroom used to cook food, sheets hanging from doorways instead of doors and a bucket in the corner of a closet as a third bathroom.
Just an experience I had when shopping for buildings

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