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Law about painting? - Landlord Forum thread 223224

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Law about painting? by Wayne Graham (Pennsylvania) on May 7, 2011 @20:10

I moved into my apartment 3 years ago and the place needs painted,does the landlord have to paint the apartment every so often or is it up to the tenant? We are friends but he doesnít want to paint the apartment.My rent is always paid before it is due and I thought the law said it was to be painted every 2 years,correct me if Iím wrong.Thank you.
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Re: Law about painting? by OK-LL on May 7, 2011 @21:03 [ Reply ]
Can you supply a reference to the law you are describing? Try googling a tenant advocacy site to address that question.
Re: Law about painting? by Eric (MN) on May 7, 2011 @21:36 [ Reply ]
I have never seen a law as such, or even at apartment turnovers. My own house has not been painted for 15+ years, when I moved in, and it still looks like brand new.
Re: Law about painting? by Katiekate (New York) on May 7, 2011 @22:42 [ Reply ]
No such law in New York.

I never paint while the unit is occupied. Did it once..had the tenant claim I and my workers damaged her furniture. Never do it again.

Re: Law about painting? by Jack Klein (NY) on May 8, 2011 @00:20 [ Reply ]
No law.
Did it need painting 3 years ago? Did your friend landlord promise to paint in the lease agreement?
Why would you think he should paint a place after you've been there for 3 years?
Why don't you ask if you can paint if you think it needs it. I'm sure your friend might then consider you a good tenant.
My tenants are obligated for repainting if they dirty up the place.
Re: Law about painting? by Anonymous (CA) on May 8, 2011 @01:20 [ Reply ]
No such law in CA. Nolo press: "So long as the paint isn't actually flaking off, it should comply with the law." Nolo mentions, however, deteriorating lead paint as an issue.
Re: Law about painting? by Anonymous on May 8, 2011 @02:29 [ Reply ]
I believe there are such laws in a few places. But it would be very hard to enforce this, especially if a LL challenged it - which I would certainly do.

Why not ask if you can paint it yourself? You said you moved in 3 years ago, but weren't clear if the paint was new then.

There is no reason a house should need to be painted every 2-3 years unless the people are pigs. It should go many years.

If the paint was old when you moved in that is different. If you dinged it up, then you should fix it.

I just had a tenant leave a newly remodeled apt after 6 months. We had to repaint every wall and it took 6 HOURS to clean the carpet.

That is what happens when you rent a 1 bdrm to a single mom and a baby, and then the new BF illegally moves in with his three kids. SIX people in a 1 bdrm can trash it in no time at all.

Re: Law about painting? by Anonymous (MD) on May 8, 2011 @09:59 [ Reply ]
I think in Maryland the LL must repaint the unit before a new T moves in.
Re: Law about painting? by MassLL (MA) on May 8, 2011 @10:33 [ Reply ]
Common tenant urban legend.

Just clean them. Magic Eraser (and other cleaning sponges) are cheap, easy, and really good for cleaning walls. Scuff marks, candle soot, etc come off with one easy wipe.

Re: Law about painting? by Dizzy (Wonderland) on May 9, 2011 @09:28 [ Reply ]
'thought the law' - you can't make up laws in your head; they have to go through due process and referendum procedures, believe me, I tried a suit against soemone just because they were stupid - too bad, if the country taxed the stupid people it would cover the deficit
Re: Law about painting? by xxx on May 9, 2011 @12:00 [ Reply ]
my house was last painted 12 years ago, and it still looks so good people ask if we just had it painted

but we did it properly, with the right preparation, priming, and good quality paint

most importantly, we do not live like filthy pigs so our walls are not covered in grease, nicotine, bodily fluids, etc.

i only paint when the tenants move, and if it looks ok not even then

there is absolutely no law requiring an owner to re-paint while a tenant is still living there

Re: Law about painting? by Anonymous on March 6, 2014 @08:09 [ Reply ]
From the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development FAQs web page.

Am I entitled to have my apartment painted?
Yes, the landlord must paint occupied apartments in multiple dwellings (buildings with three or more apartments) every three years. (NYC Administrative Code ß27-2013). Tenant occupied apartments in private dwellings are also required to be painted as necessary.
Re: Law about painting? by Anonymous on November 3, 2014 @13:00 [ Reply ]
Actually, there ARE laws about the 'upkeep' of rental property. The laws differ, however, from state to state and depending if the unit is in a building with 3+ units or 2 and <. Call the city inspector's office in the city/town you reside for acurate information. And FYI, you don't need to be a filthy pig or lazy to need paint. Environmental elements can cause needed repairs! The holier than thou act is pathetic. Maybe YOU can't see your own dirt like you can't smell your own smell after a while!
when you spen mney on a residence, my you bet your bum that upkeep is required....slumlords are pathetic. Doing bare minimum and only whats required to allow for functioning isn't something to brag about! Good luck! Tenants have rights....make sure you enforce yours!!

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